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Self-Guided Tours of Paso Robles

Tour Description

Tour our still-relevant historic sites on Day One and taste wines from the oldest vineyards in the area still being made by the descendants of area settlers and early pioneers on Day Two. 

Day Two Route Map: goo.gl/maps/dX19s

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A. Begin at Paso Robles Inn

B. Mission San Miguel Archangel

Founded in 1797, Mission San Miguel is a National Historical Landmark that has been an important part of Central Coast history for over 200 years. Come experience the rich history of Mission San Miguel. www.missionsanmiguel.com

C. Rios Caledonia Adobe

The century-old inn and stage stop is located on the old mission trail between San Francisco and Los Angeles and is found eight miles north of Paso Robles and adjacent to the San Miguel Mission. Preserved buildings, beautifully landscaped grounds, picnic sites, a gift shop and restrooms are found at the site. www.rios-caledoniaadobe.org

D. Lunch at the old-fashioned Country Diner in San Miguel

"This place gave us the feeling of a small town diner. The outside looks small and the inside looks smaller… there were no tables, only a horse shoe shaped counter. A lovely waitress greeted us and was so friendly. While we were there a couple of locals started small talk with us, which we thought was great. We don't get that where we're from." [VIA: Yelp]

E. Epoch Estates

In 1882 a trailblazer named Andrew Jackson York established Ascension Winery on a hill between Paso Robles and the Pacific Coast.  He built his winery with bricks (hand-formed and fired on-site) and enormous beams from a dismantled Cayucos pier.  York Mountain Winery, as it was renamed later once the York sons joined the family business, was the first winery on the Central Coast.  It was here that Ignacy Jan Paderewski brought his prized grapes to be fermented and crafted into award winning wine.  www.epochwines.com

F. Paderewski Vineyard

Ignacy Jan Paderewski was an unparalleled pianist, an American and Polish patriot, a poet, a generous philanthropist, a Polish citizen, a politician and of course, a Paso Roblan! Born in Poland in 1860, he spoke seven languages and in 1919 became Prime Minister of newly independent Poland. In 1913, Paderewski visited Paso Robles seeking the healing effects of its hot sulfur-rich mineral baths for his rheumatism. He fell in love with the town of Paso Robles as well as with the surrounding land with its rolling, rocky hills that reminded him of his Polish homeland.  Paderewski purchased over 2,000 acres on the west side of town, now known as the Paderewski Vineyard.  www.epochwines.com 

G. Turley Cellars

Utilizing the oldest vineyards in Paso Robles, some going as far back as 1885, Turley Cellars is a force in the world of Zinfandel and becoming equally well-known for their Petite Sirah. Paso Robles is proud to be home to their tasting room. www.turleywinecellars.com

H. Rotta Winery

The original vineyard and winery were started in 1856 by a Frenchman named Adolph Siot, who later sold the successful enterprise to Joe Rotta in 1908. In the 1920s, Rotta then sold it to his brother Clement Rotta, who bonded the winery after Prohibition in the 1930s and forged the label into one best known for its hearty Zinfandels. Today, the winery is being revived by a Rotta grandson Michael Giubbini. www.rottawinery.com

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