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Come learn about the culture and cuisine that is uniquely Paso Robles. An area rich in history, Paso Robles has emerged as a world class food and wine region.

Paso Robles Walking Food Tour with Central Coast Foodies

You'll learn about the area's agricultural roots, how the healing waters of the "Hot Springs" drew the affluent from all over the country and led to the formation of the town and one of the West's most glamorous and exclusive resorts of the time - The Hotel El Paso de Robles. No story of the city is complete without mention of the Wild West, and how its culture shaped modern-day Paso Robles. From hardworking pioneer families, to the rowdy saloons on Pine Street, and the occasional visit by outlaw Jesse James, the town has a history yearning to be told and what better way to experience this lively town than through its history while enjoying the fruits of its latest harvest - it's wonderful food and wines! $69 (Ages 7 and up). www.centralcoastfoodtours.com