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Paso’s early reputation as a hot springs resort town brought famed composer Paderewski to town; Jesse James hid out here for a summer; Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio stopped for a night during their honeymoon, and more. This is a drive-by tour.

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A. Paso Robles Inn

Famous historic visitors included Polish composer and diplomat Ignace Paderewski, the Pittsburgh Pirates for spring training and the outlaw Jesse James. More recent visitors include Sandra Bullock, Nigel Lythgow and Mel Gibson among others. The hotel was destroyed by fire in 1940 and rebuilt as the Paso Robles Inn in 1941. The original grand ballroom escaped the fire and exists to this day in almost exactly the same form as it was in 1889. www.pasoroblesinn.com

B. Drury James Home

The uncle of the infamous outlaws Frank and Jesse James was also the founder of Paso Robles and built his home at 530 Maple Street prior to purchasing the La Panza Ranch.

C. Clifton Apartments

Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio, perhaps in a bid for privacy,  spent part of their honeymoon at a hotel formerly located at the corner of 1st and Spring, now the Clifton Apartment complex.

D. Pine Street Saloon

In 1888 J. Campbell operated a saloon at 1236-1238 Pine Street, the original site of the Pine Street Saloon before the 2003 San Simeon Earthquake.  For many years back then it served as a saloon, a billiard parlor and a card room.  It was one of the oldest brick structures in Paso Robles. (From their website): "Old records give some indication that the first floor was used as a saloon, and the second floor a boarding house, and as story again tells... a bordello… Sometime in those early days it housed the Cosmopolitan Hotel and a saloon.  In the 1890’s it was known as the Young Hotel.  It was a popular hotel where delicious food was served at reasonable rates. In 1960 it became Estrada’s Bar.  But, now and maybe forever, it is known as the Pine Street Saloon.”

E. Rancho San Ignacio

Ignacy Jan Paderewski was an unparalleled pianist, an American and Polish patriot, a poet, a generous philanthropist, a Polish citizen, a politician and of course, a Paso Roblan! Born in Poland in 1860, he spoke seven languages and in 1919 became Prime Minister of newly independent Poland. In 1913, Paderewski visited Paso Robles seeking the healing effects of its hot sulfur-rich mineral baths for his rheumatism. He fell in love with the town of Paso Robles as well as with the surrounding land with its rolling, rocky hills that reminded him of his Polish homeland.  Paderewski purchased over 2,000 acres on the west side of town, now known as the Paderewski Vineyard. Paderewski Vineyard is not open to the public, but the wines can be tried at their tasting room on York Mountain Road. www.epochwines.com/Land/Paderewski-Vineyard

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