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The Farms and Farmers of Paso Robles

Self-Guided Tours of Paso Robles

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Paso Robles has been an agricultural community since its inception and many agricultural operations are being run by 5th, 6th and 7th-generation Paso Roblans. Others are newer on the scene but no less dedicated to preserving this historic and noble way of life.

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A. Reconnect with Simpler Times Past at Jack Creek Farms

Owned by 5th generation local farmers, this working farm welcomes visitors seasonally. Visit Jack Creek Farms and stroll through their herb garden and antique farm equipment display. Try your hand at throwing and lasso “Bailey,” their mascot. Also, try pumping old-fashioned water pump barrels. Lastly, try some tasty treats ranging from homemade fudge to apple cider slushies or join them for one of their annual farming events including their Threshing Bee and Heirloom Tomato Tastings. For more information visit www.JackCreekFarms.com.

B. From the Olive Orchard to the Table

This 160-acre olive orchard boasts a mill, tasting room and guesthouse on site. After relocating 2000 100-year old olive trees from Northern California to Creston, Olivas de Oro planted a 15-acre high density orchard, making this family-run ranch the largest estate-grown organic olive oil producer on the Central Coast. Olivas de Oro Olive Company hosts “Orchard to Table” dinners. The evening begins with a tour of the mill, after which guests are invited to take part in a blind tasting of three olive oils to learn about their taste profiles. After the tour, guests are treated to a five-course meal highlighting olive oils and grass fed lamb, raised right on the ranch. Each course is suitably paired with a delectable wine from a local winery. For more information, visit www.OlivasdeOro.com.

C. Discover the Wonders of Walnuts at Limerock Orchards

At this picturesque, family-owned farm, exceptional walnuts are harvested each autumn to make gourmet walnut oil. This palatable oil is wonderfully aromatic and bursting with a delicate, toasty flavor. Guests to Limerock Orchards can learn all about how the flavor of the walnuts is preserved along with healthy fatty acids and natural antioxidants, plus sample the alluring walnut oil, walnuts and other seasonal confections. For more information visit www.LimerockOrchards.com.

D. Mt. Olive Organic Farm

At this vast organic farm, guests can wonder through the open fruit and vegetable gardens, a sprout house, herb gardens and even earthworm beds. Mt. Olive Organic Farm happily teaches visitors about the uses and benefits of efficient microbes, and other old-fashioned farming practices used to offer the best produce the earth has to offer. For more information visit www.MtOliveCo.com.

E. Learn About Alpacas at Crossroads Ranch

With more than 10 years of experience as award-winning alpaca livestock breeders, visitors to the Alpacas at Crossroads Ranch can partake in educational classes to learn about the herd of alpacas grazing on this scenic ranch and how fleeces are shorn to produce warm, sumptuously soft textiles.  For more information visit www.CrossRoadsRanch.openherd.com.

F. Windrose Farm

Featuring 80 types of biodynamic fruits and vegetables, and offering numerous varieties of each crop, Windrose Farm offers informative tours and information about the principles behind organic and biodynamic farming. Visitors to Windrose will meet some of the animals living on the farm, including dogs, sheep, cats and a llama and have the opportunity to purchase the delicious produce grown here. For more information visit www.WindroseFarm.org.

G. Adelaida Springs Ranch / Rangeland Wines

Whether visitors are interested in a walk through the vineyard, historic homestead and Native American sites, grass-fed cattle, local geology, wildlife or native plants, they’ll find something of interest on Adelaida Springs’ ranch and vineyard tours, led by owner Laird Foshay. For more information visit www.AdelaidaSprings.com.

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