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The LHMP in it's entirety is too large to download as one document, so it is available in sections below.  Blue text within the document indicates a link.  For a hard copy of the plan, City Planner Susan DeCarli at 237-3970.

2005 LHMP

Cover & Acknowledgments
Table of Contents
Section 1 Executive Summary
Section 2 Official Record of Adoption
Section 3 Background
Section 4 Planning Process
Section 5 Community Description
Section 6 Risk Assessment
Section 7 Mitigation
Section 8 Plan Maintenance Procedures
Section 9 Definitions
Section 10 Sources
List of Figures
Figure 5-1 Location Map
Figure 5-2 Soils Map
Figure 5-3 Vegetation Map
Figure 5-4 San Luis Obispo County Precipitation
Figure 5-5 City-Owned Facilities
Figure 5-6 Population Density Map
Figure 5-7 Critical Buildings, Facilities and Infrastructure Map
Figure 5-8 General Plan Land Use Map
Figure 5-9 Unreinforced Masonry Structures (URMs) Map
Figure 5-10 Future Development Map
Figure 6-1 Hydrologic Drought Map
Figure 6-2 Fault Map
Figure 6-3 Historic Earthquakes Map
Figure 6-4 Western United States Peak Ground Acceleration Map
Figure 6-5 Peak Acceleration Map
Figure 6-6 Ground Shaking Map
Figure 6-7 Expansive Soils Map
Figure 6-8 Summer Heat Severity Map
Figure 6-9 Floodplain Definition Sketch
Figure 6-10 Floodplain Zones
Figure 6-11 100-Year 24-Hour Probable Maximum Precipitation
Figure 6-12 Historic Hazardous Materials Releases, 1987-2003
Figure 6-13 Hazardous Materials Facilities in Paso Robles, 2004
Figure 6-14 Landslide Susceptibility Map
Figure 6-15 Subsidence Susceptibility Map
Figure 6-16 Historic Significant Wildfires, 1968-2002
Figure 6-17 Slope Model Map
Figure 6-18 Wildfire Hazard Areas
List of Appendices
Appendix A Sign-In Sheets (Team Meetings)
Appendix B Notification Letters and List of Recipients
Appendix C Press Releases
Appendix D Plan Adoption - Resolution
Appendix E

FEMA-OES Local Plan Review Crosswalk

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