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Business Licenses

Administrative Services


Pay your Water Bill ONLINE


The following Utility Service Order form is to be completed by the tenant(s)/owners for the service address. The completed form must be accompanied with the required deposit before a new account will be opened.

PDF DocumentUtility Service Order form for Tenants

Formulario de Pedido de Servicio de Utilidad
(Para que el Inquilino lo Complete)

PDF DocumentUtility Service Order form for Property Owners

Formulario de Pedido de Servicio de Utilidad
(Completado Por El Dueño)

PDF DocumentUtility Service Order form for Real Estate Agents

The following is a short summary provided to help you understand the City’s water and sewer service billing and payment procedures. More in depth information is available by downloading the Billing and Payment Policies document. This includes information on past due payments and shut off procedures. Please read the information carefully and don’t hesitate to contact our staff for assistance if you have any questions.

Water Rates

PDF DocumentDownload the Current Water Rates, Sewer Rates, Fees and Penalties

The water rate is a combined fixed-charge/variable, consumption-based-charge. The per unit usage is the same for every class of customer. 1 unit = 100 cubic feet = 748 gallons. Water rates change each January 1st.

The current water rate is $5.26 per unit (unit = 100 cubic feet = 748 gallons) and the current flat rate is $6.25.

To calculate your own bill, simply multiply $5.26 times the estimated/actual consumption units and add the flat rate charge of $6.25. Historical consumption data is provided on your water bill and is updated with each monthly statement.

#1 For example, if you use 50 units, your monthly bill for water will be $269.25 ($5.26 times 50 units, plus the $6.25 flat rate). Sewer not included.

#2 For example, if you use 10 units, your monthly bill for water will be $58.85 ($5.26 times 10 units, plus the $6.25 flat rate). Sewer not included.

Water Rates Structure

The City Council conducted a public hearing and adopted Resolution 15-135 establishing a revised water rate structure effective January 1, 2017.

Water Rates Staff Report – November 3, 2015

Pursuant to Ordinance No. 1025, adopted on April 5, 2016, new water rates took effect on January 1, 2017. The new rates reflected a change in the City’s water rate structure from all-consumption based water usage ratse to a combined fixed-charge/variable, consumption-based-charge water rate. This per unit usage charge is the same for every class of customer. One unit of water equals 100 cubic feet (“HCF”) or 748 gallons.

More Information:

Water Rate and Revenue Analysis Final Report - October, 22, 2015

Water Bill - Secure Online Payments (

Sewer Rates

The City adopted new sewer rates that became effective July 1, 2013 (per Ordinance 975 N.S. adopted December 6, 2011).  The new rate for single family homes is the lesser of the current month's water use and the monthly usage basis units multiplied by the usage charge. The monthly usage basis units are calculated in July as the average monthly metered water use from the previous December, January and February billing periods and are used for 1 year.

Effective Date July 1, 2012 July 1, 2013 July 1, 2014 July 1, 2015 July 1, 2016
Usage Charge ($/HCF*), all customer classes $4.50 $5.40 $6.30 $7.35 $7.80

*HCF=hundred cubic feet, or 748 gallons

Click here for Sewer Bill examples.

The current sewer rate is $7.80 per unit. To calculate your own bill, simply compare the monthly usage basis units to the current month's water usage and multiply the lesser amount times $7.80.  Should you feel an adjustment of your monthly usage basis units is needed, please complete the form below:

PDF Document Request for Adjustment to Residential Sewer Bills

For more information regarding the Wastewater Rate Method, please download the original Public Hearing Notice regarding Wastewater Rates.

Commercial accounts and customers outside the City limits have different rates and our staff will be happy to discuss those rates with you. Please call (805) 237-3996.

Unfortunately, the City cannot accept responsibility for late or non-delivery of utility bills by the post office. If you have not received your bill by the 10th of the month in which your account is scheduled to be billed, please contact our office at (805) 237-3996 to check your account status. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, except legal holidays.

E-mail your utility billing questions to Administrative Services.

PDF DocumentDirect Payment Plan for your Water/Sewer Bill

Start or Stop Service

To Start Service:

  1. Download and complete the appropriate Utility Service Order Form (below). Deliver the completed form to 821 Pine Street, Ste A, or submit the form by fax or email as indicated on the Service Order form instructions. The City accepts credit card payments for utility deposits.

    PDF DocumentUtility Service Order form for Tenants

    Formulario de Pedido de Servicio de Utilidad
    (Para que el Inquilino lo Complete)

    PDF DocumentUtility Service Order form for Property Owners

    Formulario de Pedido de Servicio de Utilidad
    (Completado Por El Dueño)

  2. The City requires the service address of the property, your name, your social security number, your driver’s license number, phone number, spouse’s name (if applicable) and billing address (if different than the service address). There is a $47 activation fee for all new accounts.
  3. The City requires an $103.00 deposit for tenants of rental properties. This deposit is applied to the closing bill when the residence is vacated. Also required is the name and address of the owner or company managing the property.
  4. Service Orders received after 3:00 pm may not be processed until the next business day.
  5. An after-hours fee of $409.00 may be charged to have water turned on after regular business hours.

To Stop Service:

  1. Call Administrative Services Department, Water Services Division of the City of Paso Robles at (805) 237-3996, or come in to 821 Pine Street, with information pertaining to the date service is to be stopped and the address to which the final bill should be sent.
  2. If the above information is received before 3:00 p.m., the City provides same day service.

When Will I Get My Water and Sewer Bill?
The City bills for water and sewer services on the first day of each month. Bills are considered delinquent if not paid by 5:00 pm on the 5th day of the following month and will be assessed a 10% penalty. Those accounts not paid by the 10th of the following month will be subject to a door hanger fee of $36.00 and a termination charge of $103.00.

PDF Document Water Quality Report (completed annually)

Water Meters

How to Read Your Water Meter

Who do I contact for Leaks/Low Pressure?

For non-emergency leaks and low water pressure, contact the Public Works Department, Water Division at 237-3866.

For after business hours service regarding emergency leaks or repairs, call the Paso Robles Police Department at 237-6464. A $409 after-hours connection fee may be assessed for non-emergency leaks or repairs.

Construction Fire Hydrant Meters

The City of Paso Robles makes hydrant meters available for rent by contractors performing work within the City limits.  Contractor shall under no circumstances transport water out of City limits for any reason.  Hydrant meters may be rented only in conjunction with a City issued permit.  Please see Hydrant Meter Agreement below for additional requirements.

Construction Fire Hydrant Meters can be obtained by calling Administrative Services at 805-237-3996 or coming into our office located  at 821 Pine Street. The City requires billing information (Tax ID#, billing address, phone #, City issued Permit # and Expiration Date, etc.) and a $765.00 deposit at the time of the request for the meter.

Hydrant Meters are billed every month. There is a $115.00 monthly non pro-rated rental fee. Water consumption is billed at $5.26 per hundred cubic feet plus a $6.25 flat fee.

Download the Hydrant Meter Rental Agreement.


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