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Plot Plan (Site Plan)  Required when construction is to be placed on a previously graded subdivision lot, already approved by the Engineering Department. The plan should accurately depict placement of construction, showing how it interfaces with the site. Show lot corners, elevations, finished pad heights, oak trees, if any, including their dripline, drainage patterns and drainage facilities, etc.

Drainage Plan  Required when site is not improved, but earthwork to be done does not require a grading permit per Appendix Chapter 33 of the Uniform Building Code. The plan should contain the same basic information as a plot plan (as defined above) with the exception that it will incorporate references to existing and proposed elevations and final disposition of drainage patterns.

Grading Plan  Required on all Commercial. Industrial projects, hillside lots (as defined below), and any project requiring a Grading Permit per Appendix Chapter 33 of the Uniform Building Code. All grading plans shall be prepared by a Civil Engineer or Architect licensed to practice in the State of California.

Addendum or "As Built" Plans  Required for submittal and review when deviation from the originally "approved" plans has occurred. Projects cannot receive "final" inspection until plans have been reviewed and approved by the City Engineer.

Hillside  Hillside development (slopes in excess of 15%) require an accurate topographical map and grading plan prepared by a registered Civil Engineer, clearly showing the entire area on which development is to occur, using an appropriate scale and contour interval. This map shall also locate and identify all existing oak trees six inches or greater in diameter at a point three feet from grade. Additionally, plans shall provide grading cross sections, construction cross-sections, driveway and turn-a-round profiles, erosion control information, etc.

A permit application is required for oak tree trimming/removal.


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