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Housing Division


What housing programs does the City provide?
This is the most frequently asked question of the Housing Division. Usually the person asking it is seeking affordable rental housing. The City maintains a list of those apartment complexes in the City that are reserved for low-income persons. Please see the Subsidized Rentals Section.

Where can I find a list of low-income apartments?
Please see Subsidized Rentals.

What is Section 8 Rental Assistance?
Section 8 is a federal rental assistance program for low-income persons. Under this program, recipients are issued a voucher to pay the difference between 30% of their income and the "fair market rent" (as determined by HUD). Landlords accepting Section 8 vouchers must participate in the program.

Where can I sign up for Section 8 Rental Assistance?
The Housing Authority for the City of San Luis Obispo (HASLO) administers the Section 8 Program for all jurisdictions in the County of San Luis Obispo. The number of vouchers allocated to the County is limited, and HASLO maintains a waiting list, which is only opened once every 3-4 years. For more information about the Section 8 Program, contact HASLO at (805) 543-4478.

Does the City have any homebuyer assistance programs?
The City is not presently offering any homebuyer assistance programs. The County of San Luis Obispo offers limited first-time homebuyer assistance loans for low-income persons. Interested persons should contact the San Luis Obispo County Planning Department (Housing Division) (805) 781-5600.

What does "first-time homebuyer" mean?
State and federal regulations governing their programs for first-time homebuyer assistance limit participants to households that have not owned a home in the three consecutive years prior to funding a new loan.

My landlord just raised my rent; does the City have rent control?
The City does not have a rent control ordinance. Landlords are not restricted from raising rents.

I believe that I am being discriminated against in trying to find a place to live.
Federal and State Fair Housing laws make it illegal to discriminate against any person on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, ethnicity, national origin, ancestry, lawful occupation, familial status, disability, or age in the enjoyment of residence, land ownership, tenancy, or any other land use. If you believe that you are being treated unfairly in finding a place to live, contact the State Department of Fair Employment and Housing at 1-800-884-1864 or on the web at

My landlord will not make necessary repairs, what can I do?
The City does not provide legal advice for renters. You will have to contact a private attorney. If you qualify as a low-income household, you may call the California Rural Legal Assistance, in San Luis Obispo, at (805) 544-7994.

What help is there for the homeless?
El Camino Homeless Organization (ECHO) is an Atascadero-based organization that provides shelter referrals to the homeless. They can be reached at (805) 462-3663.

Loaves and Fishes provides emergency food and motel vouchers for the needy and homeless. Their pantry is located at 2650 Spring Street, Paso Robles. They are open between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. Monday–Friday. Their phone number is (805) 238-4742. For after-hours emergencies, please contact the Police Department at (805) 237-6464.

The Economic Opportunity Commission (EOC) was renamed Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County (CAPSLO). This organization operates a homeless shelter in San Luis Obispo at 750 Orcutt Road (805) 781-3993 and a homeless day center at 43 Prado Road in San Luis Obispo (805) 786-0617. CAPSLO also has a North County Homeless Outreach Worker, who can be reached at (805) 466-5795.

Transitional Food and Shelter, Inc. operates a temporary, emergency shelter program for homeless persons too ill, injured or disabled to be in an overnight homeless shelter. If you are such a person, ask your caseworker to refer you to this program. If you do not have a caseworker, contact the Economic Opportunity Commission (EOC) at 466-5795. You must be screened and referred by an agency to get into the program. If you want to volunteer with and/or donate to Transitional Food and Shelter, Inc., a nonprofit organization, call President Pearl Munak at 238-7056.

The North County Women’s Resource Center operates shelters for abused women and children in Paso Robles and Atascadero. They can be reached at (805) 461-1338.

The Second Baptist Church, at 1937 Riverside Avenue, provides meals, showers and donated clothing to the homeless. Call (805) 238-2011.



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