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Community Development


The Community Development Department consists of the Planning, Engineering and Building Divisions, involving the Department in all aspects of development. From the grading of the lot to the construction of the building (pad, structure, electrical, plumbing), and installation of final improvements such as landscaping and signage. Department Overview

More reports can be found on the Publications page.

Paso Permits

We are pleased to offer the ability to search property and permit information, obtain simple permits, and schedule inspections online using Paso Permits.

What's New?

1530 Lyle Lane - General Plan Amendment, Rezone

Request to change the zoning and land use designations from Residential Single Family one-acre minimum lot size (RSF-1/R1-B4) to Residential Single Family 20,000 square foot minimum lot size (RSF-2/R1-B3), and process a tentative parcel map that would subdivide the existing 1-acre lot into two approximate 20,000 square foot lots.

EIS - Negative Declaration [pdf:335kb/23pp]

Olsen-Chandler Ranch Design Charrette

What's a Charrett? A Charrette is an intense, participatory design, and public input process where you are invited to work directly with your neighbors, local business owners, the land owner and a multidisciplinary planning, engineering and architectural consulting team to plan the future of the Olsen & Chandler Ranch properties. The entire process is open to the public, so please join us as we work together to prepare the final master plan for a new neighborhood and set a clear vision for the future of this key piece of property. This design process will be the culmination of many years of planning for this property and will move this property from visioning to implementation.

  • Wed. May 30th: Opening Presentation & Hands-on Workshop
  • Fri. June 1st: Mid-Point Pin-up & Review
  • Mon. June 4th: Closing Presentation
    Download Flyer or visit for more information.

Beechwood Specific Plan - Conceptual Neighborhood Plan

The City of Paso Robles City Council will discuss the proposed 915 housing unit project as the baseline project for the Beechwood Specific Plan Area EIR, at the May 15, 2018 City Council Meeting.

The project area is located between Meadowlark Road, Beechwood Drive and Creston Road, in Paso Robles. Read Public Notice [PDF]

Beechwood Specific Plan Public Comment Form | More Information

Black Oak Lodge

This is a proposal to establish a 4-story, 96 room hotel. The project includes 120 parking spaces, which exceeds the Zoning Code requirement for 104 spaces allowing for one space per guest room and 8 spaces for employees. Parking spaces include standard, compact, EV charger, and handicapped accessible parking stalls, in addition to motorcycle spaces, and bicycle parking facilities. Project location is 2717 Black Oak Drive, just north of 24th Street.

Black Oak Lodge EIS [pdf:486pp/15mb]
Recirculated April 18, 2018 - May 8, 2018

Hyatt Place Project (PD 17-011)

The project would result in a new four-story, 133-unit above grade hotel on a 3.1 acre property. The hotel would total 77,020 square feet (sf) and would be 52 feet and one inch tall at its highest point. The project site is currently undeveloped but has undergone grading and maintenance activities under ownership by the City of Paso Robles. City-maintained landscaping and sidewalks occur along the western and southern boundaries of the site along Theatre Drive. Interior hotel spaces would include a lounge, limited food service, exercise room, meeting rooms, and guest rooms. Exterior site improvements include a pool, spa, variation of seating types and areas, and rear patio.

The project site is located at the southeast corner of SR 46 West/Theatre Drive intersection, approximately 700 feet to the west of the U.S. 101/ SR 46 West intersection.

Hyatt Place Project CEQA [pdf:1.6mb/57pp]

Hotel Alexa (PD 17-008)

This is a proposal to establish a 4-story boutique hotel with a total of 38 guest rooms, plus a manager’s unit. The hotel would total 23,765 square feet (sf) and is 50-feet tall at its highest point. The guest rooms will be located on the first three floors and the 4th floor will be used to house mechanical equipment only. The site will include 41 automobile parking stalls and 2 motorcycle stalls. Parking spaces include standard, compact, handicapped accessible, electric vehicle (EV), and two 10-minute loading zone parking stalls. The project is located on Alexa Court near the U.S. 101 and State Route 46 West Interchange, Paso Robles (APN:  009-831-021).

Hotel Alexa EIS [pdf:3.82mb/31pp]

Ravine Waterpark Multi-use Path and Overflow Parking Lot (PD - 17-005 & CUP 17-009)

The Ravine Waterpark is proposing to install a multi-use path to connect the Park to an overflow parking area on the south side of State Route 46 East.

Ravine Waterpark MND [pdf:12.5mb/99pp]

Spurr Construction - Building and Equipment Yard

The project consists of subdividing a 7.2-acre parcel into two 3.6 acre parcels and developing the westerly parcel (Parcel 1) with a 16,000 square foot building for a construction company that would include offices and maintenance shop. As an accessory to the building is an outdoor storage yard for equipment and materials. The easterly lot (Parcel 2) would be graded with Parcel 1 including underground utilities to accommodate future development. Both lots would be fenced. Project is located at the east end of Ardmore Road, Paso Robles, CA
(APN: 025-362-014).

Spurr Construction MND [pdf:2.62mb/98pp]

Homewood Suites Hotel

This is a proposal to establish a 4-story, 105 room hotel located on Dallons Drive west of Golden Hill Road (APN: 025-423-002). The project includes 109 parking spaces, which complies with the Zoning Code requirement for 105 spaces allowing for one space per guest room and 4 spaces for employees. Parking spaces include standard, compact, EV charger, and handicapped accessible parking stalls, in addition to motorcycle spaces, and bicycle parking facilities. The hotel will include ancillary guest facilities including lounge for hotel guests, meeting rooms, fitness center, and outdoor pool.

Homewood Suites Hotel EIS [pdf:7.91mn/165pp]

Pine Street Hotel

The 2017 Pine Street Hotel project is a redesign of the previously entitled Pine Street Promenade project. The revised project is solely a hotel project with restaurant and retail uses. The revised project does not include the Performing Arts Center, the Parking Structure, or the previous condominium plan that was part of the Promenade project.

Pine Street Hotel Initial Study and Attachments

Mullahey - Auto Service Expansion

The existing Mullahey dealership is located at 2520 Golden Hill Road, at the corner of Tractor Way. The project consists of subdividing a 1.8 acre site (APN 025-423-005) into two (2) parcels, where Parcel 1 would be .8 acres, and Parcel 2 would be 1 acre. Along with the subdivision is a request to amend the General Plan and Zoning designations of new Parcel 1, and amend the existing development plan for the Mullahey Chrysler Dealership to add new Parcel 1 to as an expansion to the dealership.

Mullahey - Auto Service Expansion EIS [pdf:8.14mb/209pp]

Tidwell Contractor Storage Yard

This is a proposal to establish a 9,960 square foot office building with an accessory outdoor contractor’s storage yard on an approximately 2.78 acre site. The project location is Dallons Drive, west of Golden Hill Road.

Tidwell Contractor Storage Yard EIS [pdf:7.5mb/66pp]

Firestone Cold Block 4

Planned Development 12-006 Amendment: a request to install twelve (12) 65 foot tall, 15-foot diameter fermentation vessel's (tanks). Along with the tanks would be the construction of a 6,300 square foot cellar/tank building. The project also includes a pipe bridge that would be constructed over Vendels Circle that will transfer product between Building 1 and the Cold Block 4 tanks. The bridge would have a 17-foot tall clearance and extend approximately 70 feet from the cold block tanks to Building 1.

Firestone Cold Block 4 EIS [pdf:28pp/1.25mb]

May 23, 2017 Planning Commission Agenda Item 2

Paso Market Place

Project Description:
This is a proposal to establish a 15,669 sf mixed-use development project at 1803 Spring Street.  The project includes restaurant, specialty retail, and residential uses, as follows:

Building A - Restaurant - 1,200 sf
Building B - Retail and 3 residences – 4,080 sf
Building C - Retail, café – 1,162 sf
Building D - Retail - 3,653 sf
Building E - Bar/outdoor seating, retail, 3 residences - 4,660 building sf, and 1,150 patio sf

Paso Market Place Initial Study [pdf:284kb/24pp]

Urban Design Concept Plans
Riverside, Paso Robles

Twenty-nine undergraduate students in their third year in the Department of City and Regional Planning, Cal Poly State University San Luis Obispo developed ten discrete urban design concept visions for public and private lands between the Union Pacific Railroad tracks and the Salinas River from 1st Street to 24th Street.

Riverside Urban Design Concept Plans Final Report [pdf:21mb/386pp]

Cabernet Links RV Resort and Golf Course

290 space RV resort / Links Golf Course
Location: 5151 Jardine Road, Paso Robles
APN 025-436-029 & 025-346-030

Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) Recirculation

Destino Paso Resort Hotels

Description: The proposed project, Destino Paso Resort, is a request to amend the site plan and architecture of a previously approved Development Plan and Conditional Use Permit, and modification of the Tract Map subdivision layout for a hotel project at the same location. The overall intensity of development, 291 rooms and ancillary support uses, is not proposed to change with this application.

Destino Paso Initial Study [pdf:288kb/29pp]

Residential Grading Ordinance Amendment / Zone Change 15-005

Description: The project consists of a comprehensive amendment to the City’s Residential Grading Ordinance (Zoning Ordinance sections 21.14A and 21.6E) based on the recommendation from the City’s Grading Ordinance Advisory Committee.

Download the Initial Study - Negative Declaration [pdf:492kb/20pp]

Wisteria Lane
(Erskine/Justin Vineyards)

Project Location: Eastern end of Wisteria Lane, North of State Route 46 East (APN 025-435-031, 030, and 029)
San Luis Obispo County

Wisteria Lane Initial Study [pdf:110kb/33pp]

River Oaks II - Expansion

Project Location: North of 46 East, west of Buena Vista Drive, and east of the Salinas River (APN: 025-390-009)

River Oaks II Initial Study [pdf:1.5mb/52pp]

River Oaks II - Design Manual [pdf:9.9mb/133pp]

Firestone Brewery -
Building Expansion and New Warehouse

Planned Development 12-006 Amendment: a request to construct an approximate 9,000 square foot expansion to an existing 19,500 square foot building for office and warehouse uses. This addition would take place in an area that has been an asphalt parking lot for the existing building. Also proposed, is the construction of a new 55,000 square foot warehouse and 39 space surface parking lot. The new building would be built on an approximate 3-acre vacant site.

Download the Firestone Expansion Initial Study (Negative Declaration) [pdf:1.14mb//31pp]

Historic Preservation Program

To help preserve the historic treasures that shape the community’s character, and to continue Paso Robles’ legacy, the City Council has established a goal to update the current City-wide Historic Inventory and establish a Historic Preservation Ordinance. Read more...

U.S. HWY 101/46 West Interchange Modification Project

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), as delegated by the Federal Highway Administration, has determined that Build Alternative 2 will have no significant impact on the human environment. This Finding of No Significant Impact is based on the attached Environmental Assessment, which has been independently evaluated by Caltrans and determined to adequately and accurately discuss the need, environmental issues, and impacts of the proposed project and appropriate mitigation measures. It provides sufficient evidence and analysis for determining that an Environmental Impact Statement is not required. Caltrans takes full responsibility for the accuracy, scope, and content of the attached Environmental Assessment and incorporated technical reports (and other documents as appropriate).

The environmental review, consultation, and any other action required in accordance with applicable federal laws for this project is being, or has been, carried out by Caltrans under its assumption of responsibility pursuant to 23 U.S. Code 327. Read more...

Hwy 46 East for the Future

"Population growth, both locally and statewide, has led to increased travel demand and congestion on Route 46 East. The primary purpose of the 46 East for the Future process is to generate public interest to assist partner agencies in the development of a 20-year improvement strategy for the section of Route 46 East from US 101 to Jardine Road.

PDF DocumentComprehensive Corridor Study [pdf: 4.7mb/106pp]

PDF DocumentParallel Routes Study [pdf:1.2mb/40pp]

More Projects

Paso Robles Gateway Annexation

Description:  The City Council has approved a settlement agreement to dismiss multiple lawsuits and allow the processing of a proposed General Plan Amendment and annexation of 170 acres for a destination resort development including a single-family residential development and realignment of South Vine Street.

Download the Settlement Agreement and Release [pdf:5.8mb/32pp]

Salinas RiverSalinas River Corridor Vision

The Salinas River, embraced by the citizens of Paso Robles, is a thriving corridor that enhances important habitat and open spaces, provides recreational and economic opportunities, ties to our heritage, and connects to our future. Follow The River, Follow The Dream. Learn more about the Salinas River Corridor.

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