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The Borkey Area Specific Plan provides a plan for the development of about 770 acres located north of Highway 46 East, between the Salinas River and Combine Street. It encompasses single family and multi-family neighborhoods, commercial and industrial properties, and Cuesta College North County Campus. This specific plan was adopted on January 8, 1990 and has been amended several times since.

Specific Plan

Adopted January 1990 - Ord. 588 N.S.

Amendments and Preface

Table of Contents and List of Figures

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Purpose and Scope of Plan
Legal Basis for Plan
Historical Background
Plan Formulation Process
Content and Format of Plan Document

Chapter 2 - Existing Conditions in Plan Area

Definition of Plan Subareas
Extent of Current Plan Area Development
Existing Traffic Circulation System - Plan Area and Vicinity
Relationship of Plan Area to Municipal Airport
Existing Plan Area Infrastructure
Identified Issues of Significance in determining Plan Approaches

Chapter 3 - Development Plan for The Borkey Area

Plan Goals
Land Use and Circulation Plan
Plan Policies
Public Facilities and Services
Project Design

Chapter 4 - Plan Implementation and Phasing

Phasing of Development and Improvements
Relationship of Plan to City General Plan and Zoning Procedures for Adoption and Amendment
Procedures for Processing Development Applications Political/Jurisdictional Adjustments

Chapter 5 - Financial Plan for Implementation and Administration

General Approach to Financing
Estimated Public Improvements Costs
Schedule of Plan Related Fees

Technical Appendices and Plan Diagram on file at Community Development Dept.

Download the entire Borkey Specific Plan [pdf:4.5mb/178pp]

Plan Amendments

A. River Oaks Master Plan for Sub Area B (adopted September 7, 1999) Note: Booklet is an appendix to the Specific Plan and supersedes portions of the original Specific Plan text

B. Paso Robles Hot Springs and Spa Master Development Plan for Sub Area A (adopted July 2002)

Final Environmental Impact Report

November 1989

Title Page and Table of Contents
List of Figures
List of Tables


Chapter 1 - Introduction

1.1 Proposed Action
1.2 Procedures
1.3 Methodology/Scope of EIR

Chapter 2 - Project Description

2.1 Location
2.2 Characteristics of Plan Area and Vicinity
2.3 Description of Proposed Specific Plan

Chapter 3 - Environmental Settings, Impacts and Mitigation Measures

3.1 Introduction
3.2 Land Use
3.3 Traffic/Circulation
3.4 Air Quality
3.5 Noise
3.6 Hydrology
3.7 Soils
3.8 Public Services
3.9 Biologic Resources
3.10 Cultural Resources
3.11 Aesthetic Resources

Chapter 4 - Project Alternatives

4.1 Alternative Project Concepts
4.2 The No Project Alternative
4.3 Comparative Environmental Superiority
Among Alternatives

Chapter 5 - Consequences of Project Implementation

5.1 Significant Environmental Effects Which Cannot be Avoided
5.2 Short-term vs. Long-term Productivity
5.3 Growth-Inducing Impact of the Project
5.4 Significant Irreversible Changes


Project "Pipeline" Report
Planning Project List

Creston Road Complete and Sustainable Streets Corridor Plan

Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

Uptown/Town Centre
Specific Plan

California Environmental Quality Act

Status Report

Residential Activity

Forms and Applications

Municipal Code Online Library

General Plan Maps [PDF]
Zoning Maps [PDF]

Zoning Information

Inspection Requests

User Fee Schedules

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