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PDF Document Download the Purple Belt Action Plan FINAL [pdf:9.8mb/100pp] (upd. November 2009)

Background Information


The 2003 update of the City's General Plan anticipates the land use patterns, population growth, infrastructure and service needs for the community through the year 2025. The General Plan anticipates accommodating up to about 44,000 residents in the year 2025. Most of the anticipated growth is programmed to be "infill" development, focusing on "mixed use" and higher density residential, which could provide more opportunities for "workforce" housing. The City's physical expansion was limited to about 511 acres (all of which has been annexed since 2003 and is in the planning process).

"Purple Belt" Origins and Policy Content

Although the City's General Plan provides a population limit through the year 2025, there is a potential for the City to further expand beyond the 2025 boundaries shown in the current General Plan. The "Purple Belt" program is intended to create a basis for an eventual physical boundary for urban growth and development, but not on the current City boundary .

The term "Purple Belt" is recognition that Paso Robles is largely surrounded by red wine grape vineyards, and seemed to the City to be more appropriate to our area than the term "green belt".

Download excerpts from the City's General Plan that describe the particular policy statement and related action program elements. In essence, the intent is to:

  • identify properties that are in Agriculture and/or Open Space use that are potential candidates for long-term preservation;
  • reach voluntary agreements with property owners to acquire "non-development" or conservation easements that would lead to the preservation of the current uses
  • hopefully enhance the economic viability of AG related uses through the City's acquisition of non-development easements.

Acknowledging that the City may continue to grow beyond its current physical boundaries, the focus is on identifying properties that are not immediately adjacent to the current City Limits. It is assumed that immediately adjacent properties will probably be subject to development pressures.

It is not anticipated that the City will identify particular properties to be a part of the Purple Belt, but rather to formulate a set of criteria that would assist in determining what properties would be most appropriate for consideration. Preparation of this set of criteria is a key part of the City's current work program.

The intent is to establish a long-term program that would be in place and operational over the coming decades. There is no funding for purchase of non-development or conservation easements at this time. As a part of the Purple Belt program the City will seek grant and other funding resources.

Policy Implementation

The City Council has approved a contract with a consultant team to assist the City in formulating details and implementation plans for the Purple Belt program. The team consists of staff from three collaborating firms: Economic & Planning Systems; Design, Community & Environment; and Sage Associates.

The consultant team is working with City staff to contact property owners, organizations, and other interested persons (i.e. all "stakeholders") to advise them of the program's content and goals, and to encourage their participation in identifying pertinent issues or criteria to consider and in designing an implementation plan (and, hopefully, to seek their future participation).

In addition to meetings with stakeholders, there will be noticed public workshops. Noticed public hearings would also be held prior to City Council consideration of adoption of any program.

Contact the Community Development Department at (805) 237-3970 for more information. The City would welcome an opportunity to address any questions or concerns regarding the program.


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