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Emergency Services


Child Safety

  • Does your child know or carry...
    1. Contact names and numbers (home, work, pager, cell, e-mail)?
    2. Emergency procedures including how to call 911?
    3. Where to meet in case of an emergency? (see below)
    4. How to recognize danger signals (such as fire alarms)?
  •  Do you and school officials...
    1. Know school emergency procedures? Is your child's school prepared?
    2. Have contact names and numbers (home, work, pager, cell, e-mail)?
    3. Have updated information to reach parent and caretakers for pick up?
    4. Know type of authorization school requires to release a child to someone?
    5. Have a child pick up staging area in the event of a disaster?
  • Do you...
    1. Limit your child's TV viewing of news and raw footage of disasters?
    2. Make sure baby-sitter knows emergency procedures?

Make sure your household utilizes the Communication Plan in order to organize contact names, phone numbers and information.


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