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City Library
1000 Spring Street
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 237-3870
(805) 238-3665 FAX
10am to 8pm
10am to 5pm
Closed Sunday

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Library Services


Privacy Policy

As a member of the Black Gold Cooperative Library System, the Paso Robles City Library follows the parameters of the Cooperative’s Privacy Policy.

Please click the link below to read the Black Gold Privacy Policy:

Download Paso Robles City Library Policies and Guidelines here:

Guidelines for Library Use

Directrices para uso de la Biblioteca En Espanol (PDF)

The Paso Robles City Library welcomes you. In order to promote an atmosphere in which all patrons may use and enjoy the Library, the Library Board of Trustees established the following use guidelines:

To enjoy library materials and services fully, the following are encouraged:

  • Asking library staff for help.
  • Reading.
  • Studying.
  • Using the library’s electronic resources.
  • Participating in library programs.
  • Speaking in a quiet voice.
  • Muting cell phones and other electronic devices.

To avoid disturbing library users, the following are prohibited:

  • Using loud or threatening language
  • Disruptive or unsafe behavior including any conduct that interferes with the use of the library by others or with the functioning of library staff or volunteers.
  • Eating except in designated areas, or as approved for specific events. Covered non-alcoholic beverages are permitted.
  • Running or roughhousing
  • Animals, with the exception of service animals assisting persons with disabilities or animals used in library programs that are under the control of their handlers at all times.
  • Soliciting money, donations or signatures without prior approval of the City Librarian.
  • Any behaviors or actions prohibited by law.
  • Using the Library with offensive body odor or personal hygiene.
  • Using restrooms inappropriately, such as for shaving, bathing, laundering, or loitering.
  • Camping in library facilities or on library grounds. “Camping” refers to the use of library property for lying down, sleeping, living or accommodation purposes.
  • Blocking of aisles and walkways by persons or personal belongings.

In Addition

As a courtesy to other library users, please speak softly when using cell phones or use cell phones in the lobby or outside the library.

The children’s area, including restrooms, is restricted to children and accompanying adults. Adults not accompanied by children are permitted in the children’s area when actively using children’s resources with help of library staff.

The library is not responsible for children who are left unattended in or on the grounds of the library. Library Staff may refer to appropriate authorities those children who are left unattended in the library.

The Library is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage of personal property. Users are not permitted to leave personal belongings behind when leaving the building and are encouraged to keep their personal belongings with them at all times. The library reserves the right to limit the size and number of items brought into the library and to request removal of items deemed to be unreasonable, to cause a disturbance or to impede another’s access to the library. 

Persons who violate these Guidelines may receive a warning from the library staff and/or an opportunity to cease the violation or leave the library. Illegal activity, as well as any willful or repeated violations of these Guidelines or other posted library regulations (e.g. computer use rules), may result in removal from the facility and/or suspension of library privileges. In addition, where authorized by Federal, State or local law, violations of these Guidelines may also result in arrest.

Appeal Process

First appeals regarding these guidelines may be made to the City Librarian. Further appeals may be made to the Director of the Community Services Department. Appeals beyond the Director of the Community Services Department may be made to the Library Board of Trustees and subsequently to the City Council.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees December 11, 2003
Amended by the Library Board of Trustees January 14, 2010
Amended by the Library Board of Trustees August 11, 2011
Amended by the Library Board of Trustees on January 12, 2012
Amended by the Library Board of Trustees on February 9, 2017
Amended by the Library Board of Trustees on April 12, 2018.

Download a copy of the Library Use Guidelines (PDF)


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