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What is an Airport Influence Area (AIA)?
An airport influence area is the defined space surrounding an airport that can be affected by airport operations.

What is AB 2776 and when did it take effect?
AB 2776 was a bill passed in 2002 and took effect January 1 2004. It requires any person who is selling property to file a report with the Department of Real Estate that says the property is located within and airport influence area.

How are Airport Influence Areas determined?
Airport Influence Areas are based on airport flight patterns that generate noise and safety issues associated with aircraft overflights. The attached map depicts the AIA for the Paso Robles Airport.

What types of property does this apply to?
AB 2776 applies to subdivided lands, common interest developments, and residential properties, within California, which are offered for sale or lease.

What type of noticing is required?
The law mandates the following notice:

This property is presently located in the vicinity of and airport, within what is known as an Airport influence Area. For that reason, the property may be subject to some of the annoyances or inconveniences associates with the proximity to airport operations (for example: noise, vibration, odors). Individual sensitivities to those annoyances can vary from person to person. You may wish to consider what airport annoyances, if any, are associated with the property before you complete your [purchase and determine whether they are acceptable to you.

Where do I get more information?
Information is available through the following sources:

1. Review AB 2776 by visiting the web site and search in the 2001-2002 Session.

2. Contact the Paso Robles Airport at 805-237-3877 or

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Adopted June 6, 2017

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