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Click on the links below to see pictures of each project update.

Annual Slurry Seal Project (DPW 16-09)

April 24, 2017 Images
The City’s annual slurry seal work was completed last week. 52,000 square feet of base-dig-out repairs of localized failures. Over 4 miles of slurry was placed in 40 road segments. Funding for the project was the City’s Gas Tax allocation from the State. Download the Annual Slurry Seal Street Schedule and Map [PDF]

Spring Street Repairs - 1st to 10th (DPW 12-12F-2)

August 26, 2016
Spring street final paving schedule has changed. It will now start the evening of September 6th. The change in schedule is because of complications to complete the storm drain pipelines at 6th and spring.

July 15, 2016
Work is continuing to repair Spring Street - 1st to 10th. Contractor is finishing up on sewer line replacement, removed the temporary sewer bypass lines and pumps, and is working with PRWD to replace water lines and valves at 5th Street. The contractor also installed a new curb ramp along with a grouted rip rap swale at intersection of 8th Street and Spring Street and performed some sidewalk, driveway and curb and gutter repairs.

June 13, 2016
Contractor has been concentrating their work at 8th and Spring.  The sewer and water upgrades are complete. This week, they should finish with the storm drains.  They will then do the sewer upgrades between 5th and 7th.

The work is being done in the evening hours because sometimes, the water service will need to be shut off and the adjacent businesses cannot operate without water. In addition, working at night keeps the traffic along Spring Street "flowing" so as not to impede customer access to the surrounding businesses.

In addition to the pipeline work, the contractor may also be performing concrete repairs of curbs, gutters and sidewalks.  This operation should not affect traffic flow and  will be performed during the daytime hours.

May 17, 2016
The contractor is currently installing a temporary sewer bypass system.  Once in place, then the old sewer mains can be removed from service so that they can be replaced.  Old sewer manholes are also being replaced. At the same time, video detection cameras are being installed at the traffic signals at 1st, 4th, 6th, and 10th. The pipeline work (sewer, water, storm drains) will take approximately 8-10 weeks to complete before the final paving repairs will

Hot Spot Street Repairs (DPW 15-09)

March 8, 2016
One of the Hot Spot Repair locations is Ramada Drive, near Highway 46 west. This has been an ongoing temporary repair by the City's Street Maintenance Staff. It has finally been repaired permanently, and attached are some photos of the work.

12th Street Rehab: Fresno to Vine Street (DPW 12-12C)

Read more about this Green Street project here.

June 9, 2016
The 12th Street Project is almost complete. This week, we are installing the last bit of plants and trees and next week the Construction Team is performing a final walk of the project to insure that all work has been completed to the City's satisfaction.

Reminder that the completed street is 36-feet curb to curb which is the same dimension for Olive Street as it connects to 12th Street. The 36 feet width accounts for two 11 foot wide travel lanes and 7 foot wide parking on both sides.

Last week, we asked Paso Robles Waste to bring 2 of their WIDEST trash pick-up trucks and travel 12th Street.  Attached are photos of these 2 trucks traveling down the new part of 12th Street with cars parked on both sides.  While these photos were being taken, a transit bus happened to come along as well and traveled the road side by side with one of the PRWaste Trucks.

May 17, 2016
Paving is complete. Remaining items of work are irrigation and landscaping which are going to be completed in the next few weeks. Also, Contractor is still on-site and performing miscellaneous items of work ("punch list" work). Everything should be done by mid June 2017.

March 8, 2016
Work is progressing but slowed down a bit due to the rains. Concrete work is about 80% complete and the Contractor is concentrating on the paver installations, debris basin and irrigation system. They probably need about 4-6 weeks of dry weather to finish these items up and then they will move to the last  phase of work, which is final paving. NOTE: only first lift of paving has been placed from Vine to Fresno.  The last final surface course still needs to be placed.  In addition, Final Paving includes grind and overlay of existing asphalt from Spring to Vine.

It is looking like completion of the entire project should finish by early summer.

January 29, 2016
First lift of paving was completed at the end of the year from Vine to Chestnut. Work has moved from Chestnut to Fresno. Utilities from Chestnut to Fresno have been installed and the Contractor is now working on grading and preparing for the placement of concrete curbs, gutters, bio-swales and pavers along the north side.

NOTE: The curb ramps at the west side of Vine Street have NOT been done. They want to do that portion when they are ready to re-construct the entire intersection of Vine and 12th. They want to wait when there is an extended window of dry weather so that they can complete the work quickly with minimum impact to traffic.

November 20, 2015
Contractor is now working on removing the existing curb and gutter, and then grading and forming for their replacement. Work is focusing on the block between Vine and Chestnut.

October 29, 2015
Contractor is continuing with sewer main construction. Sewer main from Vine to Chestnut is installed. These photos are the work at Chestnut, and then contractor will continue west to Fresno.

September 21 and 24, 2015
Contractor continuing with installation of 36-inch storm drain. They are now west of Vine and will be complete (at Olive) in a week. They will then begin with sewer starting at Vine and proceed west to Fresno. (9/21/2015)
Contractor is also working on removing (to be replaced) deteriorated curbs and gutters at localized areas between Spring and Vine. (9/24/2015)

September 3, 2015
The Gas Co. is almost complete with relocation of their mains.
Installation of storm drain pipe lines and manholes in progress (current construction between Spring and Vine).

Scott Street Improvements (DPW 12-12E)

May 17, 2016
Creston to Airport is substantially complete. The contractor is still working on a few miscellaneous items of work ("punch list") but otherwise the work is complete. The contractor also needs to install the in-road lighting system at the crosswalks. There was a delay of time in getting the materials. This will be the last status report on this project.

January 29, 2016
The Contractor is 85% complete with the concrete portion of the project.  In addition to the 40 plus curb ramps to be upgraded to current ADA standards, the Council also directed staff to install concrete sidewalks and curbs and gutter around the dirt lot at the northwest corner of Scott and Commerce.  By doing this, the "path of travel" around this neighborhood would be complete.

The Contractor will now begin work to remove and replace deteriorated portions of the median curbs from Westfield to Airport. Once all concrete work is complete, then surface grinding and paving of the road will follow.

December 11, 2015
The contractor has began removing and replacing curb ramps for the project.

The project scope is as follows:

  • Upgrade about 30+ curb ramps to meet current ADA requirements
  • Install missing sidewalks at the north east corner of Scott and Commerce (along dirt lot in front of Zurn)
  • Remove and replace median curbs  to address root intrusions into the pavement surface
  • Localized base dig-out repairs
  • Lower utility covers prior to paving
  • Final paving
  • Raise utility covers
  • Pavement striping and markings

Drainage Improvements (DPW 15-11)

January 27, 2016
In July 2015, using General Fund Reserves, the Council directed staff to make improvements to the City's drainage system at 3 locations:

  • Remove debris from a 24-inch pipe located west of 21st Street by Villa.
  • Remove and replace an existing collapsed 18-inch storm drain pipe in an easement west of Oak at Arleen.
  • Install concrete cross-gutters, improve curb ramps and curbs and gutter at 18th and Riverside.


HWY 101/46 West Interchange Modification Project

Project information



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