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This directory is a guide for selecting plants for use in landscapes in the north county of San Luis Obispo. Plants described herein are from a list developed by the Atascadero Mutual Water Company. California PoppyThis list is available hard copy from Atascadero Mutual Water and other north county water purveyors. The purpose of this directory is to help homeowners select plants that have a low water requirement. In addition, it will aid in the selection of plants that are well suited to this area, thus reducing maintenance and replacement costs resulting from poor plant selection.

Click on the blue links below to download color photos and descriptions of conservation-friendly plants.

Water Conserving Plants for Northern San Luis Obispo County


Report Section Contents
Table of Contents
Annuals & Biennials Hollyhock, Calendula/Pot Marigold, Cornflower, Godetia, Cosmos, Cape Marigold, California Poppy, Sunlfower, Lupine, Moss Rose
Ground Covers  
     Pages 1-4 Wooly Yarrow, Manzanita, Dwarf Coyote Bush, California Wild Lilac, Snow-In-Summer, Rockrose, Bearberry, Blue Fescure
     Pages 5-8 St. Johnswort, Creeping Juniper, Evergreen, Dwarf Rosemary, Creeping Sage, Santolina, Stonecrop
     Pages 1-4 Yarrow, Wormwood, Jupiter's Beard, Dwarf Plumbago, Coreopsis, Purple Coneflower, Buckwheat, Fleabane,
     Pages 5-8 Blanket Flower, GuaraSunrose, Daylily, Island Coral Bells, Mexican Tulip Poppy, Douglas Iris, Bearded Iris,
     Pages 9-12 Red Hot Poker, Lavender, Monkey Flower, Catmint, Mexican Evening Primrose, Blue Bedder Penstemon, Russian Sage, Gloriosa Daisy/Black Eyed Susan
     Pages 13-16 Dusty Miller, Blue-Eyed Grass, Lamb's Ears, Feverfew, Germander, Verbena, California Fuschia
     Pages 1-5 Edward Goucher Abelia, Strawberry Tree,, Manzanita, Dwarf Coyote Bush, Bush Anemone, California Wild Lilac, Flowering Quince, Desert Willow, Mexican Orange, Rockrose
     Pages 6-11 Smoke Bush, Cotoneaster, Bush Poppy, Silverberry, Pineapple Guava, Flannel Bush, Silk Tassel Bush, Canberra Gem, Proteaceae, Toyon, Burford Holly, Juniper
     Pages 12-17 Crape Myrtle, Oregon Grape, Pacific Wax Myrtle, Heavenly Bamboo, Oleander, Hollyleaf Cherry, Catalina Cherry, Pomegranate, Firethorn, Italian Bucktorhn, Coffeeberry, Sugarbush
     Page 18-22 Golden Currant, Pink Winter Currant, Fuchia-Flowered Gooseberry, Matilija Poppy California Wild Rose, Rosemary, Sage, Blue Elderberry, Snowberry, Bush Germander
     Pages 1-5 Bailey Acacia, California Buckeye, Madrone, Strawberry Tree, Incense Cedar, Deodar Cedar, Western Redbud, Chitalpa, Tecate Cypress, Arizona Cypress
     Pages 6-11 Loquat, Edible Fig, Arizona Ash, Maidenhair Tree, California Black Walnut, Crape Myrtle, Grecian Bay, Tanbark Oak, Catalina Ironwood, European Olive, Coulter Pine, Gray Pine
     Pages 12-17 Chinese Pistache, London Plane Tree, California Sycamore, Western Cottonwood, Oaks, Holly Oak, Cork Oak, Idaho Locust, Giant Sequoia, California Bay, Sawleaf Zelkova
Vines Carolina Jessamine, Silver Lace Vine, Lady Banks' Rose, Cecile Brunner Rose, Chinese Wisteria
Grasses Giant Wild Rye, California Fescue, Deer Grass, Purple Needle
Bulbs Naked Lady, Montbretia, Daffodil, Watsonia, Zephyr Flower
Index (Botanical Names)
Index (Common Names)

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