Golden Hill and Union Roundabout

The roundabout at Golden Hill and Union is now OPEN.

Roundabout Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The City of Paso Robles held a ribbon cutting ceremony on June 23, 2023 to celebrate the opening of the City's first roundabout, located at Golden Hill and Union roads. In attendance were the contractors who designed and built the roundabout, City staff and elected officials, 30th District Assembly member Dawn Addis, and representatives from SLOCOG, who provided a grant toward the project. The ribbon cutting was followed by a motorcade of City vehicles to the Rocky theme.

Roundabout Test Drive #2

Second test of the roundabout with an extra-long trailer, done on June 1, 2023. Passed with flying colors! Many thanks to Dave Spurr for helping us test the roundabout so we could make the necessary adjustments prior to opening. There will be a ribbon cutting for the roundabout on June 23, 2023. There may be a soft opening sooner. Video is at 5x speed.

Roundabout Test Drive #1

As a mid-construction test, Dave Spurr Excavating successfully navigated their 107-foot truck and trailer through the unfinished roundabout at Golden Hill and Union. The test revealed that a few of the mountable curbs currently in place need to be lowered prior to completion in order to accommodate a fully-loaded extra-long trailer. The test was deemed a success, the roundabout should open in June of 2023.

February 2023 Construction Progress Video

See December 2022 Construction Progress Video

About The Construction Process

Construction on the roundabout at Union Road and Golden Hill Road began in August 2022 and was completed on June 15, 2023. 

The intersection at Golden Hill and Union Road was closed during construction. Ardmore Road was constructed to create a detour that allowed motorists continued access to Golden Hill Road. 
All businesses in the vicinity remained open and accessible during construction.

In June of 2021 and July of 2022, City staff visited the affected businesses in the area and distributed a Roundabout Packet (PDF) and a FAQ sheet (PDF)

Construction was briefly delayed by heavy storms in January and March of 2023, but the project was still finished on time and under budget. 

Construction was funded with $5.6 million in Development Impact Fees and a $360,000 grant from the SLO County Council of Governments. 

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The Good News

There is good news. When the roundabout project is complete, traffic flow will be considerably improved. Click the image below to see a video simulation of traffic flow when the roundabout is done.

The complete video is 7 minutes long and shows traffic flow from all points of entry into the roundabout, plus pedestrian and bike path flow. 

The traffic volume shown in the video illustrates future traffic volumes when Chandler/Beechwood specific plans are fully developed. Therefore the useful life of the roundabout would last beyond 2032.

Alternate routes

Golden Hill Road will be accessible to most residents on both sides of the construction closure via a detour on Ardmore Road, which will be realigned before the closure begins. 

Trucks and larger vehicles should use the truck route.