Library by Mail

The Paso Robles City Library's Library by Mail service enables homebound city residents with 93446 or 93447 zip codes and valid Paso Robles City Library cards to borrow print books, books on CD, and DVDs from the collection and receive them at their homes via U.S. Mail. This service is free of charge for registered participants.

Participants will receive one mailing bag of items at a time. The number of items included may vary based on the size and format of the titles selected. To return items, simply reverse the mailing card on the outside of the bag so the Paso Robles City Library’s address and return postage are displayed. Items should be returned in a single shipment. 

Once returned items are received, library staff will refill the mailing bag with new items for shipment. 

If you are interested in participating in the service, complete the agreement and application. Library by Mail is intended for those who are unable to leave home to visit the library due to a temporary or permanent health condition; your signature will verify that you are eligible for the service.