Discontinuation of Residential Water Service Written Notice to Customer of Record



[Mailing Address]

[City, State    Zip]

Re: Past Due Water/Sewer Account

Account Number: [XXXXXX]

Balance 60 days Past Due: [$XX.XX]

Dear [Customer]:

Our records indicate a past due balance on your water/sewer utility account. If the past due balance is not paid by [DATE], a $43.00 fee will be assessed on your account as well as a physical Door Hanger notice hung at the property shortly after.

In order to avoid Service Termination, the past due balance must be paid by [DATE]. 

If payment is not received, your account will be assessed the reconnection fee of $50.00 and service will be scheduled for disconnection.

Payment arrangements are available for eligible customers. Please visit our office or contact us at (805) 237-3996 for more information on payment arrangements or other financial assistance. 

Payments can be made any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by either calling (844) 321-9512 or by visiting www.invoicecloud.com/pasoroblesca. Additionally, payments can be remitted by mail or in the drop box located at 821 Pine Street- Suite A in Paso Robles. Please include your account number when remitting payment. 

If you believe the amount of a bill is incorrect, you may initiate a complaint or request an investigation of the bill by contacting us in writing or by telephone within forty-five (45) days of receiving a disputed bill. If you disagree with the City’s initial determination, you may have the right to appeal the disputed bill to the City Manager and/or City Council as described in the City’s Policy on Discontinuation of Residential Water Service.

Should you have any questions regarding charges, please contact our office at (805) 237-3996 or by email at adminservices@prcity.com. 

City of Paso Robles

Utility Billing Department