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The information below is intended to be general in nature and will not cover all situations and/or requirements. If your questions are not answered within these pages, please contact the Administrative Services Department at 821 Pine Street Suite A, email Administrative Services or call 805-237-3999.

License Overview

A business license is required for all business transacted in the city, unless specifically exempted by the Paso Robles Municipal Code. It is unlawful for any person to commence, transact, engage in or carry on any business in the city without first having procured a license from the city and complying with the other related or relevant laws of the city.

The Department of Administrative Services is responsible for providing service to the general public, business license applicants and each existing licensee. Our objective is to assist each business in obtaining the proper business license and/or permit and to ensure proper compliance to the business license code for all businesses transacting business within the city.


Business License

Apply for a business license online, download the license application (PDF), or visit the Administrative Services office located at 821 Pine Street, Suite A. For more information, email Administrative Services or call 805-237-3999.

Assembly Bill 3002 provides information regarding disability access requirements and resources to business owners. To read the full notice visit

Business License Renewal

If you are an existing business license holder in the City of Paso Robles, you may renew your business license online. Read more about your existing license.

Home Occupation Permit

If you will be operating the business from your residence, you will need to complete a Home Occupation Permit Form (PDF) requesting authorization to operate a business in a residential zone. 

If you are not the owner of the residence, you will need to ask the owner or property manager to sign the application giving permission to use the residence as a business location.

Massage Businesses

In addition to the Business License Application, the Massage License Application (PDF) is required for all California Massage Therapy Council Certified Massage Therapists.

The Temporary Massage License Application (PDF) is required for all applicants who meet the requirements for a Temporary Massage License (PDF).

Special Event Vendors

If you are participating as a vendor during a special event in Paso Robles, read about the Temporary Vendor Business License.

Mobile Food Preparation Vehicle (Food Trucks)

In addition to a City Business License Tax Certificate, Mobile Food Preparation Vehicles must obtain County of San Luis Obispo Health Permit for Mobile Food Facilities (issued through the County of San Luis Obispo). This permit must be obtained prior to applying for a City of Paso Robles Business License Tax Certificate. 

Information regarding the pilot program for Mobile Food Vendors at Barney Schwartz Park can be found here

Other Permits / Requirements

For businesses with a physical location in the City limits, the Planning Division of Community Development will review the business location for zoning compliance, inspection and other regulatory requirements before a license can be issued. A post office box is not accepted as a business location. See also: Home Occupation Permit.

Effective July 2017: For all new commercial businesses located inside the city limits, Emergency Services will be inspecting the commercial location upon approval of the new business license application. Previously, the inspections were done separately from the business licensing process. Please contact Emergency Services by calling 805-227-7560 for additional details regarding fire inspections.

More Information

View the City of Paso Robles Online Municipal Code Library and the relevant codes for business licenses:

Read more about the Transient Occupancy Tax.

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