Special Event Vendors

Business License Information

Businesses or individuals interested in participating as a vendor during a special event will need to obtain a Temporary Vendor Business License (PDF). The fee is $10 per day, with a maximum of $30. 

Additional fees or requirements may apply, please be sure to contact the event coordinator for further information.

Vendors with an Existing License

Businesses that already have a business license from the City of Paso Robles should also remit a completed Temporary Vendor Business License Application (PDF) indicating the special event they are participating in, their current city business license number, and expiration date.

Exempt Events

Events at the California Mid State Fair / Paso Robles Event Center are exempt from City business licensing requirements.

The Paso Robles Certified Farmer’s Markets are the only other events that are exempt from the temporary vendor business license. 

Farmer's Markets

The North County Farmer’s Market Association and the Country Farm and Craft Market hold a business license that covers their participating vendors. If you are interested in participating, please contact them directly.