Water Meters

Leaks & Low Pressure

For non-emergency leaks and low water pressure, contact the Public Works Department, Water Division at 237-3866.

For after business hours service regarding emergency leaks or repairs, call the Paso Robles Police Department at 237-6464. A $444 after-hours connection fee may be assessed for non-emergency leaks or repairs.

Construction Fire Hydrant Meters

The City of Paso Robles makes hydrant meters available for rent by contractors performing work within the city limits. Contractor shall under no circumstances transport water out of city limits for any reason. Hydrant meters may be rented only in conjunction with a city issued permit. Please see Hydrant Meter Agreement below for additional requirements.

Obtaining a Hydrant Meter

Construction fire hydrant meters can be obtained by calling Administrative Services at 805-237-3996 or coming into our office located at 821 Pine Street. The city requires a $765 deposit at the time of the request for the meter and billing information, such as:

  • Billing address
  • City-issued permit number and expiration date
  • Phone number
  • Tax identification number

Download the Hydrant Meter Rental Agreement (PDF).

Hydrant Meter Billing

Hydrant meters are billed every month. There is a $125 monthly non pro-rated rental fee. Water consumption is billed at $6.14 per hundred cubic feet plus a $8.75 flat fee.