City Manager

Role & Responsibilities

The City Manager is the chief executive officer of the municipal corporation. The City Council serves as its board of directors.

The City Manager directs the activities of all city departments. The function of the City Manager’s office includes providing central services and support to the operation of each department.

Central Service Divisions

The central service divisions of the City Manager’s office include:

City Council 

The City Council receives clerical and administrative support through the City Manager’s Department.

City Clerk 

The City Clerk oversees the retention and distribution of public materials and records. The office of "City Clerk" is an elected position. However, the city employs a full-time staff member to administer most aspects of the Clerk’s duties. In addition to Council meeting agenda coordination, the Clerk fulfills responsibilities with all regular and special elections.

Civic Engagement

The Civic Engagement Coordinator works with each department to conduct public outreach campaigns around major projects, in addition to daily interactive communication with residents via phone, email, social media and in-person meetings. The Civic Engagement Coordinator can be reached in the City Manager’s Office at 805-237-3888 or via email at

Economic Development

As of July 29, 2020, the City has employed a full time Economic Development Manager in the City Manager’s Office to develop strategies to improve the economic strength of the City through business development, retention and expansion, workforce development, job creation and the diversification of Paso's economy. 

Information Technology (IT)

IT provides computer and telecommunication system support to all city facilities including:

  • City Hall
  • Emergency Services
  • The Library
  • Police
  • Public Works
  • Recreation

If it is electronic and requires programming, the IT Division probably takes care of it. A staff of five design and maintain the systems including the data and voice communication networks. This division includes a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Analyst, as well as a Web Specialist to aid in the technological advancement of the City of Paso Robles.