Encroachment Permits

All projects are submitted and reviewed electronically. Please send the application and appropriate documents/plans to engineering@prcity.com to submit or resubmit. Please email us or call 805-237-3860 if you have any questions!

Note:  A traffic control plan is required for all permits.  The California Manual of Traffic Control Devices, latest addition, Part 6, Temporary Traffic Control has standard traffic control plans and guidance.  

Encroachment Permits

The City of Paso Robles requires contractors to obtain Encroachment Permits for all work performed within the public right-of-way. The public right-of-way is defined as the portion of a street, alley or sidewalk owned by the City, i.e., not on private property. The Engineering Division can verify right-of-way using maps on file at City Hall.

Encroachment Permits are issued only to state-licensed contractors possessing a city business license.

Permit Application

Download the Encroachment Permit Application (PDF), or obtain a hard copy at 1000 Spring Street, 2nd Floor. The contractor performing the work is required to complete the permit application by supplying:

  • Contractor information
  • A detailed description of the work to be performed
  • Estimated start and completion dates
  • Job location information

Supplemental plans or drawings, if available, should be attached to the permit application for review by the City Engineer.

Application Deadline

Encroachment Permit Applications must be submitted to the City Engineer within the Community Development Department at least 72 hours prior to commencement of work

Permit Fees

Once the permit application is approved, the contractor will be required to submit a $185 permit fee plus an additional cash deposit. This deposit, ranging from $500 to $2,500 or more, is determined by the City Engineer based on the project scope, and the related inspections and administrative work will be charged against this deposit.

Final Inspection

Upon project completion, the contractor is required to call the City’s Inspection line at 805-227-7223 to schedule a final inspection. Once the project is approved by the City’s Engineering Inspector, the balances of the deposit will be refunded to the party who supplied the deposit.

Utility Trench Repair

Some Encroachment Permits require trench repair. Please read this information regarding City Standard Details and Specifications for Utility Trench Repair (PDF), and sign the included Acknowledgement of Receipt if applicable.

City of Paso Robles standards and specifications are also available. 

Construction Related Street Closure/Traffic Impact Permit

Any time construction or related work impacts traffic or results in the closure (or partial closure) of an alley or public roadway, the closure is subject to Emergency Services review and City Engineer approval. 

The project traffic control plan must address emergency access and detour routes for bicyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles.