Grading Permits

Grading permits are required for all grading except those activities exempted in Municipal Code Section 20.04.040 (PDF). All applications and plans go through Engineering Plan check, following the Plan Review Time Frame (PDF), to determine if a grading permit is required or not. 

Application & Fees

If you download and fill out an Grading/Site Plan Permit Application (PDF), you will need to bring it in to the Building Division at City Hall at 1000 Spring Street, 2nd Floor. Make sure you attach 3 sets of folded plans. The plans and application must contain all information as described in Municipal Code Section 20.12.010 (PDF).

Fees are charged for checking plans, issuing permits and inspections. The fees are calculated based upon the amount of time the plan check takes, the amount of soil to be moved whether it is cut (taking dirt out) or fill (bringing dirt in). 

To view detailed information about the requirements and fees, read the Grading Permit Information (PDF).