Landscape & Lighting

Reballoting 2022

The City of Paso Robles Landscape & Lighting Maintenance District will be reballoting a small number of District Zones and Sub Areas to give residents the opportunity to vote on their neighborhood’s assessment rate.  Reballoting decisions are triggered when assessments are not meeting current costs for water, street lighting and landscape services.

Residents being reballoted have already been notified by mail.

The Reballoting Information Session will take place on Wednesday, March 9 and Thursday, March 10 at both 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. and 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. in City Council Chambers, 1000 Spring Street, Paso Robles.  The sessions will allow impacted residents to learn the outcomes of a “yes” or “no” vote and to answer all questions regarding the process.

For more information about the reballoting and the upcoming information sessions, please contact City of Paso Robles Maintenance Services at (805) 237-3873.

Reballoting will only apply to these neighborhoods:

Zone 1 – Subdivisions and properties generally located on the north side of Union Road and east of No. River Road

  • Sub Area 1 – Riverglen
  • Sub Area 4 – Golden Hills
  • Sub Area 6 – Sunset Ridge
  • Sub Area 18 – Riverglen

Zone 7C – Subdivisions and properties generally located along the north side of Charolais Road, west of Creston Road

  • Sub Area 63 – Sleepy Hollow

Zone 11 – Subdivisions and properties generally located south of State Highway 46 and north of Union Road

  • Sub Area 76B – Bella Vista 

Zone 14 – Subdivisions and properties who benefit from local light improvements and open space

  • Sub Area 11 – Fallbrook Court
  • Sub Area 50 – Serenade

Sub Area 64 – Properties located east of Prospect Avenue and north of Union Road

Sub Area 88 – Tract 2422 located west of So. River Road and north of Niblick Road

Sub Area 98 – Tract 2593 located east of So. River Road and north of Oak Grove Court

The City of Paso Robles annually levies and collects special assessments in order to maintain certain improvements such as: 

  • Detention Basins
  • Drainage Systems
  • Entry Monuments Within the El Paso De Robles Landscape and Lighting Maintenance District Number 1
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Open Space Areas
  • Planting Materials
  • Public Pedestrian Paths
  • Street Lighting

Established Annual Assessments

The District was formed and annual assessments are established pursuant to the Landscape and Lighting Act of 1972, Part 2 of Division 15 of the California Streets and Highways Code. The idea is to achieve economy of scale by combining the efforts for all maintenance services within separate geographic locations (individually, "sub-area"). A single landscape maintenance contractor provides most services and the contract is awarded biannually.


Landscape and Lighting funding is determined annually, based upon several factors. Each sub-area’s costs are determined based upon the landscape, lighting and architectural amenities associated with the tract, and costs associated with their maintenance. Costs are apportioned to the parcels within each sub-area based on an equity-based formula. Each sub-area is intended to be an independently funded project within the Landscape and Lighting District each tract essentially receives that, and only that, which the property owners within the particular tract fund.

Continued Improvements

The District provides and ensures the continued maintenance, servicing, administration and operation of various landscaped and lighting improvements and associated appurtenances located within the public right-of-ways and dedicated landscape easements in various tracts throughout the City. Each tract is identified within a distinct sub-area with differing costs and benefits to the parcels within each sub-area. The spreading of the improvement costs is based upon the total cost of the improvements within each Sub Area. Each property is assessed only for the cost of the improvements from which benefit is received.

Benefit Formula

The benefit formula used within each Sub Area of the District may vary. The formula used for each Sub Area reflects the composition of the parcels, and the improvements and services provided, to fairly proportion the costs based on the special benefit to each parcel.


Landscape Maintenance

Includes all contracted labor, material and equipment required to properly maintain the landscaping, irrigation systems, drainage systems, and entry monuments within the District and Sub Areas. All improvements within the District are maintained and serviced on a regular basis. The frequency and specific maintenance operations required within the District are determined by City staff and the maintenance demands specific to the facility.

Landscape Water

Water necessary for the maintenance of the landscaping and drainage facilities is billed.

Street Light Electric

Includes the costs to provide electrical power and service for streetlights.

Other Electric

Electrical power and maintenance costs for irrigation controllers and pedestrian walkway lights.


This item includes repairs to the improvements in the District that are not normally included in the yearly maintenance contract. Repairs may include renovating or replacing hardscaping, results whether the need from normal wear and tear or damage due to vandalism, storms, etc.

District Administration

Management and Administrative expenses for coordinating District services, overseeing operations and maintenance, response to public concerns, and accounting procedures associated with contracts, levy amounts and collections. May include the professional service contract expenses to provide specialized accounting, legal or engineering services for to the District.

County Administration Fee

The County of San Luis Obispo charges a $2.00 County Administration charge per parcel for placing assessment billings on the tax roll.

Questions about the Landscape & Lighting District can be directed to Freda Berman, Maintenance Services Superintendent at 805-237-3873.