Consolidated Plan

Purpose of the Consolidate Plan

Federal regulations governing the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Home Investment Partnership Act (HOME) and Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG) Programs require that recipients prepare a five-year Consolidated Plan.

The purpose of the Consolidated Plan is to identify the recipients' greatest housing and community development needs, to establish strategies priorities for using federal funds to meet these needs, and to set forth annual action plans to best use these funds to meet these strategies and priorities.

2010 to 2015 Consolidated Plan

The 2010 to 2015 Consolidated Plan lists the strategies, priorities, and objectives listed below for use of CDBG, HOME and ESG funds. Please note that the federal definition of low and moderate income (80% or less of County Median Income) applies.

Affordable Housing Strategy

  • Priority Number 1: Increase availability of affordable and decent rental housing for low - and moderate-income households and families.
    • Objective: Allocate about $4.9 million in a combination of HOME and CDBG ($4.3 in HOME and $500,000 in CDBG) funds to benefit 120 low - and moderate income households.
  • Priority Number 2: Increase first-time home ownership opportunities for low - and moderate-income households.
    • Objective: Allocate about $750,000 in HOME and CDBG funds to benefit 20 low income households.
  • Priority Number 3: Maintain and upgrade existing neighborhoods and housing units occupied by low-income households.
    • Objective: Allocate $500,000 in CDBG funds to benefit 60 households.

Addressing Homelessness

  • Priority Number 1: Provide needed emergency shelter facilities and related services.
    • Objective: Provide $1.3 million in CDBG funds, plus $452,000 in ESG funds to benefit 4,000 unduplicated extremely low - and very-low income persons.
  • Priority Number 2: Prevent homelessness by enabling people to obtain or retain decent affordable housing and supportive services.
    • Objective: Provide $675,000 in HOME funds to benefit 450 low-income households.

Economic Development Strategy

  • Priority Number 1: Provide businesses the technical assistance to enable micro-enterprises to create and/or retain jobs.
    • Objective: Provide $250,000 in CDBG funds to create 25 jobs.
  • Priority Number 2: Provide financial assistance to existing small businesses for expansion and to start-up businesses.
    • Objective: Provide $250,000 in CDBG funds to create 25 jobs.

Public Facilities Strategy

  • Priority Number 1: Assist communities and neighborhoods that consist primarily of low - and moderate income persons and cannot afford necessary public facilities and facilities that benefit income eligible persons.
    • Objective: Provide $5.3 million in CDBG funds to benefit 100,000 persons.

Public Services Strategy

  • Priority Number 1: Assist low - and moderate-income persons that cannot afford necessary public services.
    • Objective: Provide $535,000 in CDBG funds to benefit 10,000 unduplicated persons.

HOME & EDSG Funds 

Cooperation Agreement

For the HOME and ESG federal funding programs, the City of Paso Robles is a member of an organization classified by HUD as an "urban county." This organization operates under a three-year Cooperation Agreement among the County of San Luis Obispo, the City of Paso Robles, and other participating cities in the County.

Cooperation Agreement & Consolidated Plan

Under the Cooperation Agreement, the county prepares the Consolidated Plan (with participation by the cities), acts as the direct recipient for CDBG, HOME, and ESG funds. Also under the Cooperation Agreement, the City of Paso Robles is guaranteed a certain annual percentage of CDBG funds allotted to the county, based on a formula that considers population and income profiles.

Allocation of Funds

Percentages of HOME and ESG funds are not allotted to each of the participating jurisdictions. However, the County and the participating cities agree to cooperate in determining how HOME and ESG funds will be allocated on an annual basis.