Planned Development / Development Plan


The requirement for a Planned Development (PD) application is triggered in one of two ways: either by a project being located within a PD Overlay District or by a project that qualifies for a Development Plan as outlined in Municipal Code Section 21.23.B.030.(A), and listed below. 

The findings are slightly differed for Planned Development and Development Plans even though both are called PD applications. 

Development Plans and Planned Developments are required for:

  • Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Projects of 10,000 square fee or more (gross) or projects of less than 10,000 square feet if all necessary dedications have not been made, or special conditions are necessary.
  • Development Projects (All Types) subject to Environmental Review
  • Development Projects (All Types) within a Planned Development (Overlay) District
  • Multi-Family Residential Development Projects resulting in 5 or more units per lot or part of subdivision

If you are already familiar with all the requirements and the process, you can download individual information sheets and/or applications as needed.