Rezoning & Zoning Ordinance Amendments

The Zoning Ordinance is the set of laws that carry out the General Plan. Amendments to the zoning ordinance may be initiated by a member of the public or by the city.

Types of Amendments

There are two types of amendments: those that affect the text of written codes, and those that affect the zoning map designations of particular property.

  • Text Amendments generally do not require an amendment to the General Plan, and may involve adding or modifying language pertaining to standards such as setbacks or allowable uses.
  • Zoning Map Amendments usually involve an amendment to the General Plan map, since the zoning map designations must be consistent with the General Plan designations. A zoning map amendment is necessary to change the zoning designation (and therefore the allowable uses) of a particular area.



More Information

For further information or direction as to the materials to be submitted to initiate an Amendment, email the Planning Division or call 805-237-3970.