Sign Permits

All signs within the City require approval by the Development Review Committee (PDF) prior to installation. Section 21.19 of the Zoning Code outlines the specific sign standards required. 

Once reviewed by staff for code compliance, the sign will be put on the next available DRC meeting.

Types of Signs

Signs generally fall under three categories - building-mounted signs, monument or ground signs, and window signs. A fourth type, the highway-oriented or pole sign, is only permitted within specific areas of the city and only with approval of a Conditional Use Permit. 

Building-mounted and monument signs require approval by the DRC. To apply for a sign permit, download and fill out the application and submit the necessary plans.

Building-Mounted Signs

These include wall-mounted, roof-mounted, projecting, and hanging signs. Unless a sign program (such as for a commercial shopping center) provides for different limits, the allowed amount of building-mounted sign area is limited to a ratio of one square foot for every linear foot of the building or tenant space street frontage.

Monument or Ground Signs

These are limited to a total of 32 square feet in area, and may be no more than six feet high, except in the Office Professional (OP) zoning district, where they are limited to five feet in height and no more than 24 square feet in area. The square footage of a monument sign is not counted towards the building-mounted sign area limits.

Window Signs

Signs in storefront windows may be placed without permit, provided that they occupy no more than 30% of the window area for the façade on which they are located.

Portable Signs

Under Municipal Code Chapter 11.30, the City allows portable signs (i.e. "A-Frame or Sandwich Board" sign) to be placed on sidewalks in the Downtown area with approval from the Development Review Committee, and with an Encroachment Permit. Specific conditions apply to the placement and size of the sign. A Minor Development Application must be completed and submitted to the Planning Division with plans for the design and placement of the sign.