Lot Line Adjustment

A Lot Line Adjustment application is subject to the review and approval of City technical staff. It is an application seeking to adjust an existing lot line between four or fewer existing adjoining parcels meeting the following conditions

  • where a greater number of parcels than the original number is not created
  • where the land taken from one parcel is added to an adjoining parcel

Request Requirements

Lot Line Adjustment requests must include:

  • A chain of title (if necessary)
  • A completed Development Application (PDF)
  • Exhibits showing the existing Lot Lines and the proposed Lot Lines. These Exhibits are to be prepared by either:
    • A person authorized to practice land surveying pursuant to the Professional Land Surveyors Act (PDF) (Chapter 15 [commencing with Section 8700] of the Business and Professions Code)
    • A person registered as a civil engineer prior to January 1, 1982, pursuant to the Professional Engineers Act (PDF) (Chapter 7 [commencing with Section 6700] of Division 3 of the Business and Professions Code)
  • A title report

Supplemental information, graphics, and historical documents as may be deemed a requirement in order to establish that the existing lot lines shown were indeed created legally.

Findings for Approval

The standard conditions of approval are as follows (other conditions such as correcting existing zoning violations may be imposed):

  1. The Final Lot Line Adjustment Map shall be in substantial compliance with the Tentative Lot Line Adjustment Map. All conditions shall be complied with in a manner subject to approval of the City of El Paso de Robles.
  2. The applicant shall enter into an Engineering Plan Check Agreement with the City and the appropriate fee deposited prior to any plan check review.
  3. A registered civil engineer or land surveyor shall prepare the lot line adjustment.
  4. All new property corners shall be installed.
  5. The approval of this Lot Line Adjustment does not acknowledge the conformity of any on-site improvements including the existing buildings.

Review Process

A Lot Line Adjustment is reviewed by city technical staff as to its consistency with:


If approved, the Exhibits of the Lot Line Adjustment along with the standard forms are then recorded in the Office of the County Recorder and a conforming copy of the recordation is filed with the City Engineer.