Business Development

Airport Buildings Collage

Since 1973 the City has developed a significant portion of the Airport into a thriving industrial park that serves as home to almost 40 individual businesses (view directory) and provides in excess of 700 jobs in the community.


Basic infrastructure is provided to the vicinity of available development sites. The City must retain ownership of Airport land, therefore the site is leased to the prospective tenant under the general guidelines of the City's adopted Lease Policy (PDF).

Lease Terms

Many of the lease terms are governed by current State Law and FAA mandate. The City remains willing to work with prospective tenants to negotiate a reasonable agreement within the above limitations that will allow a viable future for the tenant and a valuable contribution to the economic vitality of the community. The established Lease Procedure outlines the steps that are necessary to secure a long term lease on Airport property.

Commercial and Industrial Design Guideline

The City has also adopted Commercial and Industrial Design Guidelines (PDF) which may assist the prospective developer.

Additional Airport Buildings Collage