Traffic Calming Program

Maintaining safe and efficient streets is the policy of the City of Paso Robles. The Traffic Calming Program (PDF) was developed to provide the means to respond to unacceptable motoring behavior in existing neighborhoods and to introduce concepts to curb such issues in new development.

About the Program

The Traffic Calming Program provides the policy framework, tools, and process to put traffic calming into action. The program is further supported in the Circulation Element (PDF) of the General Plan, which includes several goals, policies and programs that address traffic calming related issues.

The program includes measures to:

  • Address truck traffic
  • Encourage other modes of traveling
  • Protect local streets from cut-through traffic
  • Provide for vehicle and pedestrian safety
  • Reduce speeding
  • Relieve traffic congestion
  • Support for livable neighborhoods

The Traffic Calming Program is divided into five categories, which are described in the Traffic Calming Program (PDF):

  • Basic warning measures
  • Congestion relief measures
  • School zone Measures
  • Speed reduction measures
  • Volume reduction measures


A roundabout is a one-way, circular intersection without traffic signal equipment in which traffic flows around a center island. The modern roundabout has three distinguishing characteristics: They are generally circular in shape and have geometric features to slow traffic. Learn more about roundabouts:

Roundabout diagram

More Information

For questions and more information about the Traffic Calming Program and related details, please email David Athey, City Engineer, or call 805-237-3860.