The Uptown/Town Centre Specific Plan was adopted by the City Council on May 3, 2011. Basically, the city will re-master plan the west side of town. This is a significant undertaking identified as a key objective of the General Plan, Economic Strategy, Council Goals, and current Budget/Financial Plan. A new vision for the future will be developed to include:

  • Downtown expansion
  • Master planning City and Pioneer Parks, as well as Robbins Field
  • Master planning historical museums
  • Master planning PR Event Center non-equestrian facilities
  • New mix of residential and commercial uses, types, and densities
  • Orientation of future development upon traditional neighborhood design principles
  • Rethinking west side traffic circulation, public transit and parking
  • Salinas River restoration, enhancement and connection with an expanded downtown
  • Transit system improvements to emphasize pedestrian, bicycle, and public transit equally with automobile, calm traffic, and link neighborhoods
  • Updating historical buildings inventory and create an historic building preservation/reuse code
Uptown/Town Centre map

Uptown/Town Centre Specific Plan

Copies of the entire specific plan or individual chapters are available here. If you would like a hard copy of the entire document, please contact Community Development at 805-237-3970 (copy or CD fees may apply).

Cover, Credits and Table of Contents

Uptown/Town Centre Specific Plan - Cover, Credits, and Table of Contents (PDF)

Chapter 1: Introduction

Uptown/Town Centre Specific Plan - Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF)

  1. Plan Purpose
  2. The Transect
  3. Goals
  4. Plan Authority
  5. Relationship of this Specific Plan to other Plans and Documents
  6. Project Location and Boundaries
  7. Local Physical Conditions
  8. Existing Demographic and Market Conditions
  9. Public Participation and Plan Participation
  10. Plan-wide Policies - General

Chapter 2: Form & Character

Uptown/Town Centre Specific Plan - Chapter 2 - Form and Character (PDF)

  1. The Vision and Plan
    1. Uptown
    2. Oak Park
    3. Midtown
    4. Downtown
    5. South of Downtown
    6. Riverside Avenue Corridor
    7. Paso Robles Event Center
    8. Pioneer Park and the Pioneer Park History Center
    9. Salinas River
  2. Open Space and Streetscape
    1. Streetscape Network
    2. Open Space Framework
    3. Paso Robles City Park

Chapter 3: Infrastructure

Uptown/Town Centre Specific Plan - Chapter 3 - Infrastructure (PDF)

  1. Creating Improved Streets
    1. Guiding Principles for Street Design
    2. Street Design Standards
    3. Transit and Bike Paths
  2. Streetscape Improvements
  3. Parking
    1. Pay Parking
    2. Parking Costs and Financing Strategies
    3. Development
    4. Parking Policies to Support Downtown Today
    5. Parking Policies to Support Additional Downtown Development
  4. Transit
  5. Public Services Infrastructure
    1. Uptown
    2. Midtown
    3. Downtown
    4. South of Downtown
    5. Riverside Avenue Corridor
  6. Sustainable Stormwater
  7. Parks and Open Space

Chapter 4: Implementation

Uptown/Town Centre Specific Plan - Chapter 4 - Implementation (PDF)

  1. Introduction
  2. Implementation Program
  3. Funding Sources
  4. Parking Costs and Financing Strategies

Chapter 5: The Development Code

Uptown/Town Centre Specific Plan - Chapter 5 - The Development Code (PDF)

  1. Purpose and Applicability
  2. Regulating Plan and Zones
  3. Land Use Regulations
  4. Urban Standards
    1. T3 Neighborhood (T-3N) Zone
    2. T3 Flex (T3-F) Zone
    3. T4 Neighborhood (T4-N) Zone
    4. T4 Flex (T4-F) Zone
    5. T4 Neighborhood Center (T4-NC) Zone
    6. Town Center 1 (TC-1) Zone
    7. Town Center 2 (TC-2) Zone
    8. Riverside Corridor (RSC) Zone
  5. Architectural Standards
    1. Building Types
    2. Frontage Types
    3. Architectural Styles
  6. Sign Standards
  7. Additional Requirements and Guidelines
    1. Landscape and Open Space
    2. Parking Standards
    3. Trash Enclosure Standards
    4. Utility Screening
    5. Domestic Water Standards
    6. Storage
    7. Solar Energy
    8. Additional Requirements for Multi-Family Housing
  8. Subdivision Standards
  9. Definitions

Appendix 1: Regulating Plan

Uptown/Town Centre Specific Plan - Appendix 1 - Regulating Plan (PDF)

Appendix 2: Architectural Guidelines

Uptown/Town Centre Specific Plan - Appendix 2 - Architectural Guidelines (PDF)

Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR)

A FEIR, consisting of responses to comments received plus the Draft EIR, has been prepared and will be considered by both the Planning Commission and City Council at the public hearing on the Draft Specific Plan. Copies of the FEIR are available for public review in this location and at the Reference Desk in the Public Library.