Creston Road

Complete and Sustainable Streets Corridor Plan

Creston Road Collage

Help Make Creston Road Safe & Convenient for Everyone

The focus is Creston Road between South River Road and Niblick Road. View a location map (PDF). The project is made possible with funding from a Caltrans Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant. A consultant team has been selected to work closely with community members and the City to develop the plan.

Designs & Strategies

The resulting plan will include designs and strategies to:

  • Beautify the corridor with streetscape enhancements.
  • Coordinate circulation and access with existing and future land uses and projects.
  • Improve conditions for transit, motorists and businesses.
  • Make Creston Road safer and easier for school children and adults to walk or ride a bike.

Final Design Approved by City Council - February 2018

Creston Road Corridor: Preferred Alternative Plan, Active Transportation Program (ATP) Grant, and Final Design Services approved by the City Council

The proposed Creston Road conceptual plan, as presented to City Council (PDF) on February 6, 2018, was developed with significant input from the community through several different workshop events. City staff and the consultant team have reviewed the existing conditions of the corridor extensively, and translated the input received along with technical data and professional expertise to develop the conceptual plan.

Issues Being Addressed

There are significant issues along the Creston corridor that need to be addressed, including:

  • Access to some of the businesses along the corridor are problematic and need to be addressed.
  • In many sections the pavement needs some form of rehabilitation.
  • Many sections of the roadway also lack curb, gutter and sidewalks and the public was virtually unanimous that this should be addressed.
  • There are parking lots that exit with cars backing directly into the roadway that should be made safer.
  • Traffic signals and crosswalks are important and also need to be installed or improved.
  • The two travel lanes in the worst section have had a preliminary surface treatment but much work remains.

More Information

Find out more by reviewing the February 6, 2018 Staff Report/Presentation (PDF).

Additional Resources

View previous workshop information and presentation materials.