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Paso Robles Economic Development

The City of Paso Robles develops strategies to improve the economic strength of the City through business development, retention and expansion, workforce development, job creation and the diversification of Paso's economy.  Details on related programs along with specialized business development tools can be found in this section.  

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Current Programs and Projects:

Past Programs:

The City and its economic development partners provide a support network for business expansion and location in Paso Robles. View related policies, programs and organizations that are behind this effort.

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Workforce Development Partners

Local Partner Organizations

Downtown Development Opportunities

Preservation and expansion of the downtown area is a City priority identified in the General Plan, Redevelopment Plan, and Economic Development Strategy. It finds implementation in the policies of both the Planning Commission and City Council. Among the incentives for downtown development are preferential off-street parking requirements, funding through the Community Development Block Grant Program for health and safety improvements, and City capital projects designed to encourage downtown investments. The Planning Division can provide further details and assistance, call them at 805-237-3970.

Airport Area Commercial & Industrial Development

Development opportunities surround the Paso Robles Municipal Airport. With one of the best weather patterns and exceptional physical facilities (main runway 6,000 feet and planned for further expansion) and a new Regional Air Terminal, the City's Airport provides a convenient resource for business development. Business Park zoning and land is available for either lease (at the airport) or purchase (surrounding the airport). Please visit the Planning Division page for information on General Plan and Zoning. The Public Works Department is the contact point for Airport Leases.

Economic Development Strategy

This is a City policy to encourage manufacturing, tourism, retail sales and housing, plus facilitating the development review process. The Economic Strategy (PDF) sets forth the goals, objectives and program in each of these areas.

Economic Development Team

Staff representatives of Planning, Engineering, Building, and Emergency Services provide pre-application review for new developments at the convenience of potential applicants. This no fee review is designed to identify issues or challenges that may be associated with a development project and provides applicants with an opportunity to find design solutions. The Economic Development Team is committed to facilitating the development review process.


Paul Sloan
Economic Development Manager