Fire Sprinklers

How Fires Develop

The typical accidental fire begins as a slow growth, smoldering process, which may last from a few minutes to several hours. This smoldering duration is dependent on fuel type, arrangement, and available oxygen. 

During this period, heat generation will increase and produce light to moderate smoke. The smell of smoke is usually the first indication that an incipient fire is underway. It is during this stage that early detection (either human or automatic) followed by a timely emergency response can enhance the probability of successful fire control before significant loss.

Effectiveness of Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers are most effective during the fire's initial flame growth stage. A properly selected sprinkler will detect the fire's heat, initiate an alarm and begin suppression within moments after flames appear. In most instances, activation sprinklers will control fire advancement. This will result in significantly less damage than what would happen without sprinklers.

Municipal Code Requirements

The Paso Robles Municipal Code, 17.04.030 (C) requires the installation of automatic sprinkler system for many commercial structures

For more information on requirements for fire sprinklers, please read about fire permits.

Schedule an Inspection

Sprinklers are required in many commercial buildings. Please call the Fire Inspector at 805-227-7560 for information regarding your particular application. 

If you have already submitted plans and need to schedule an inspection, please call the Fire Protection Engineer at 805-227-7221 or email the Fire Marshal.