Goal Setting

The purpose of City Council Goals is to ensure that the community develops and evolves in ways that match citizen desires and interests. What should Paso look and feel like in 10, 20, and 30 years? What actions should the City start to take now to ensure that vision comes to pass?

City of Paso Robles Goals and Strategic Priorities (PDF) - Adopted March 6, 2018

The City Council held its visioning and goal-setting workshop on February 17, 2018, facilitated by Nancy Hetrick of Management Partners.  The workshop was informed by the results of the community survey, the input of major stakeholders (including PRJUSD, Travel Paso, the Events Center, Wine Country Alliance, Main Street, and others), and the public in attendance. Read City Council Visioning and Goal Setting Workshop Summary (PDF).


  • Every two years, the City Council adopts goals to guide City financial planning and progress toward strategic objectives
  • Financial Forecast (2015-2019) (PDF) projects financial capacity

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