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The City of Paso Robles sponsors a school education program consisting of two interactive class presentations and field trips, which correlate to the California school science standards. Presentations and experiences are available to grades Kindergarten to 6th and are tailored to varying age groups, keeping children engaged in lessons and activities.

Thought-provoking and meaningful lessons make connections to our water resources and encourage preservation!

The Story of Our Water

(Grades Kindergarten to 6th) This interactive, 45-minute class program teaches students about the water cycle, water treatment and water conservation in the home and yard. The presentation includes vivid graphics and followup materials to use in your classroom.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention

(Grades 3 to 6) After a three-year break for construction, the newly renovated wastewater treatment facility will be available for tours beginning February 2016. Students will observe first-hand how wastewater from schools, homes and business's is cleaned. This 90 minute field trip will impress upon students of all ages the importance of responsible water use, conservation and pollution prevention. Prerequisite for this field trip: The Story of Your Water Presentation. Bus cost for the field trip is paid by the City of Paso Robles!

Wastewater Treatment Plant Field Trip

(Grades Kindergarten to 6th) During this 45-minute presentation students learn about many of the potential pollutants found around their homes and how they can prevent these pollutants from contaminating local creeks, waterways, and the ocean. Students identify and discuss how they can affect local ecosystems using two 3-D display boards specifically designed for this presentation. This presentation also emphasizes stream ecology, stormwater runoff, and food chains.

Stormwater Field Trip

(Grades 4 to 6) This field trip introduces students to a hands-on study of water quality. The trip is designed to be a follow-up to the Water Pollution Stormwater class program. Students become scientists who must determine as much as they can about the characteristics of the water in a small lake. Working in groups, students measure parameters such as water transparency, pH, and microscopic plant and animal life. 

Microscopes and water testing materials are be provided. Each student is given a clipboard and water data sheet in which to record their findings. Prerequisite for this field trip: Stormwater Pollution Prevention: You're the Connection Presentation. Bus cost for the field trip is paid by the City of Paso Robles!

Water Tips for Kids

Additional Information

View a copy of the Program Newsletter and School Science Standards Matrix (PDF).