Collection System

The collection system operators provide service to 30,072 customers within the City limits of Paso Robles. 

Sanitary Sewer

Daily Flow

The average daily flow from the collection system to the Wastewater Treatment Plant is 2.9 million gallons per day.

Collection System Operators

Currently the City has three Collection System Maintenance Operators ranging in CWEA (California Water Environment Association) Grade I to Grade II and one Collections Supervisor. Operators work in teams of two on each truck with one being the Lift Station Operator. Operators take care of the entire system cleaning, repairing, videoing, and doing Underground Service Alerts (USA's) for construction projects. They are responsible for maintaining:

The operators work five days per week with stand-by operator covering the week-ends.

Sewer System Management Plan

To facilitate proper management of the collection system, staff must meet the requirements of the Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) (PDF). The SSMP is governed by the Regional Water Quality Control Board, and the objective of the plan is to reduce impacts to the State's water bodies and to protect public health by reducing sanitary system overflows (SSO).