Housing Constraints & Opportunities


The Housing Constraints and Opportunities Committee has been appointed by the City Council to review housing issues identified at the October 17, 2015 Housing Workshop. The Committee’s task is to make recommendations to the City Council on ways to increase housing production.

Past Accomplishments

The HCOC acted as a steering committee during the process of updating the 6th cycle General Plan Housing Element, which was adopted December 2020. Throughout the update process, the public was invited to participate in HCOC meetings to share insights and ideas on how the City can improve housing opportunities. Past meeting information includes the following:

20.01.30 HCOC Meeting 18 - Housing Element Update Presentation #1

20.02.13 HCOC Meeting 19 - Housing Element Update Presentation #2

20.03.12 HCOC Meeting 20 - Housing Element Update Presentation #3

20.05.21 HCOC Meeting 21 - Housing Element Update Presentation #4

20.10.22 HCOC Meeting 22 - Housing Element Update Presentation #5

Current Events

The HCOC is currently tasked with reviewing draft administrative sections of the Zoning Code UpdateMeeting agendas will be posted as these meetings occur.


  • Upcoming meeting information will be posted here.

Meeting Agendas


  • Amy Russell
  • Bruce White
  • Carlos Olveda
  • David Cooke
  • Greg Haas
  • Joel Neel

Term of Office

To be determined

Staff Members

  • Warren Frace, Community Development Director
  • Darren Nash, City Planner
  • David Athey, City Engineer
  • Darcy Delgado, Associate Planner
  • Kenneth Trigueiro
  • Larry Werner
  • Mark Koegler
  • Steve Gregory
  • Vince Vanderlip