Watering Restrictions

Mandatory Minimum Conservation Measures

The City's mandatory minimum conservation measures currently in effect are summarized below:

  • Watering or irrigating of any lawn, landscape or other vegetated area in a manner that causes or allows excessive water flow or runoff is prohibited.
  • Washing down paved surfaces is prohibited except to address health and safety issues, or when a high-pressure, low-volume washer is used.
  • Vehicle washing is allowed only with a bucket and hose shutoff nozzle.
  • Repair or prevention of water leaks within seven days of notification by the City is required.
  • Overfilling pools and spas which results in runoff and water waste is prohibited.
  • Commercial lodging establishments must provide guests with option to decline daily linen service.
  • Water fountains and decorative water features must utilize a recirculation system.
  • Installation of single pass cooling systems is prohibited in buildings requesting new water service.
  • New or remodeled restaurants are required to use water conserving dish wash spray valves.

Level 1 Voluntary Water Conservation Measures FAQ's(PDF)

Additionally, the State of California is prohibiting the use of potable water for irrigation of non-functional turf at commercial, industrial, and institutional properties.  For information on this state ban on non-functional turf, refer to these frequently asked questions: SWRCB Emergency Water Conservation Regulation 2022 Fact Sheet (PDF).

Report Water Waste

If you would like to report water waste, please fill out our online form (or call our Water Conservation Line at 805-227-7250 and leave a message). Please include the address of the suspected violation, and date and time of observation(s) in the description.