Watering Restrictions

Level 2 Watering Restrictions

Beginning June 10th, 2022 Level 2 mandatory conservation requirements will take effect.

  • Limiting landscape watering to 3 days per week according to the schedule for your Watering Zone (see map below).
  • Watering landscaping between the hours of 9 A.M. and 7 P.M. is prohibited
  • Watering ornamental landscaping and lawns within 48 hours after measurable rainfall is prohibited
  • Prohibition of excessive water runoff
  • Car washing allowed only with a bucket and hose shutoff nozzle
  • Prohibition of washing down paved surfaces, except to address health and safety issues, or when a high-pressure, low-volume washer is used.
  • Repair or prevention of water leaks within five days of notification by the City.

  1. Watering Zones/Days
  2. Zonas de Riego y Días de Riego

Conservation Water Zones 1 (north of 13th, Creston, Sherwood, and Linne) and Zone 2 (south of same)

Due to statewide mandates, "Level 2" landscape irrigation  restrictions will be in place until further notice.

Watering Zones and Permitted Watering Days:

Zone 1: (North of 13th St., Creston, Sherwood, and Linne)
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Zone 2:(South of 13th St., Creston, Sherwood, and Linne)
Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Both Zones: No watering on Mondays. No watering between the hours of 9 AM and 7 PM.

Additionally, the State of California is prohibiting the use of potable water for irrigation of non-functional turf at commercial, industrial, and institutional properties.  For information on this state ban on non-functional turf, refer to these frequently asked questions: SWRCB Emergency Water Conservation Regulation 2022 Fact Sheet (PDF).

Report Water Waste

If you would like to report water waste, please fill out our online form. Please include the address of the suspected violation, and date and time of observation(s) in the description.