Dos & Don'ts

The City Wastewater Collection Division routinely maintains the sanitary sewer mains to keep them flowing freely. Our crews inspect and clean the sanitary sewer mains on a scheduled basis, but there are some things that you can do to keep your home's sewer system as well as the City's sewer system trouble-free.

Please Do

Please do the following:

  • Ask a plumber about ways to keep your house sewer line trouble free.
  • Call the City Wastewater Division if you have questions about your sewer line.
  • Deposit all cooking grease, eggshells and coffee grounds in the trash.
  • If you observe any incidence of illegal discharge/dumping, complete the Illegal Storm Drain Discharge Report Form.
  • Locate your buildings' outside clean out and back flow prevention device.
  • Recycle motor oil, paint, and other toxic materials at the City's Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility, or use the Curbside Oil Recycling program available to City residents through Paso Robles Waste Disposal.
  • Report any sewer problems or overflows.
  • Use only a licensed contractor or plumber to make repairs.

Please Do Not

Please do not do the following:

  • Dig without calling Underground Service Alert at 800-642-2444.
  • Plant trees directly over a sewer line. Root growth in sewer lines is problematic.
  • Flush flushable wipes, they clog your pipes and the city's sewer system.
  • Pour chemicals, cleaners, motor oil or solvent down the sewer (the Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility takes these items.)
  • Proceed with an expensive sewer line repair without getting a second opinion.
  • Put cooking grease or eggshells down drains or in garbage disposal.
  • Use an unlicensed or unknown contractor to make repairs. Check it out.