Public Works Publications

The following publications are available for viewing in the City Library or upstairs in City Hall. A few of them are available online and most listed are available for purchase from the Public Works Administration Office at 1000 Spring Street or by calling 805-237-3861. If you request to have the document mailed, the cost of mailing will be added in to the price of the document.

Benchmarks Index, 1998$20
City Standards and Specifications$25


Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP), updated 2022 (PDF)
Sewer Atlas, 2011 (contact City Engineer 237-3860)$40
Sewer Master Plan, 2007 (CD, includes Water MP)$40
Sewer Master Plan, 2007 (hard copy)$25


Storm Drain Atlas, 2006 (CD)$40
Storm Drain Master Plan, 2007 (CD)$30
Stormwater Management PlanN/A


Local Limits Full Report, November 2017 (PDF)
Wastewater Treatment Plant Annual Quality Report (PDF)
Wastewater Treatment Plant Capacity Evaluation Study, 2000$35


Groundwater Basin Management Plan (PDF)N/A
Nacimiento Water Project - SLO County Public WorksN/A
Recycled Water Master Plan, 2014 (PDF)N/A
Paso Robles Groundwater Basin Salt/Nutrient Management Plan, 2015 (PDF)N/A
Urban Water Management Plan, 2015 (PDF)N/A
Water Atlas, 2011 (contact City Engineer 237-3860)$40
Water Distribution System Master Plan, 2007 (CD, includes Sewer Master Plan)$40
Water Distribution System Master Plan, 2007 (hard copy)$25
Water Quality Report - Annual (PDF)
Water Quality Strategy, 2003-04 (PDF)$35
Water Resources Plan Integration and Capital Improvement Program, 2007 (PDF)$25