Downtown Ambassador Reports

Karyl Lammers

The Paso Robles Downtown Main Street Association (Main Street) provides Downtown Ambassador Karyl Lammers as a host to residents and visitors to our downtown. 

Karyl offers information on the downtown including directions, recommendations, event information and information on relocating to Paso Robles. 

You can read her monthly reports here and in the City newsletter.



  • 26 Approached
  • 6 Restaurants referred
  • 1 Directions to Tin City


  • Where can we park?  We see the signs in parking lots.  I Let them know those go into affect 12/1/2018.  Contact The City for details,
  • What are holiday events in town?  I give them the Downtown Directory where events thru February are listed.

Weirdest Question: Where do I get my hats? (Answer: Everywhere, I am always on the prowl.)


  •  59 Approached
  • 29 Restaurants referred
  • 20 Directions given.  From where is a certain Winery to where are the Art Studios and Museums.   I give them Downtown Directory, Wine Maps, and introduce them to our Kiosk at the corner of 12th and Park, where they can find all the information they need.  I mark the maps and explain directions to them to make it easier.
  • 5 mentions of people coming for the first time.  Totally unaware of how charming this town really is.  They may consider moving here, will be back to inquire.
  • No business inquiries.


   On Saturday Mornings I have discovered it is Father/Daughter time in Downtown for Breakfast.  One Saturday I met three pairs either coming or going.  They all told me it is their special time together,  and Downtown makes it even more special.  They often visit a local shop for her!

     I also want to mention how many Visitors and Residents are in town to see a movie and have lunch or dinner.  Visitors laugh and say, how funny it is we come here when we live in LA or SF, but we love this town and come for several days, so a movie is just part of our plans.

     Downtown Holiday Lighting Ceremony was a wonderful gift to the community from Downtown Paso Robles Main Street Association.  Supported by The Cancer Support Community, and Sponsored by Rabobank and Adelaide Inn. This special event took place on Friday the 23rd.  The lights, candlelight, speeches, caroling, free hot chocolate (thanks to Vic’s) our MC, Mrs. Claus, Grinch, the Elves and all the Main Street Volunteers make this a special old-fashioned way to start the holiday season.  Still full of Turkey,  Hundreds of people, over half children, were present.  They laughed, played, sang Christmas Carols and were touched with the Joy of Christmas.

      Play Black-Out Bingo until Friday December 7th for the Drawing on December 9th at 3pm at Santa’s House in the Park.   1st Prize is $450 Shopping Spree in Downtown, 2nd is $225 and 3rd is $100. Songbooks (with Black Out Bingo cards) are still available throughout town and at the Main Street Office.

     I love working with our Downtown Main Street Association where it is truly about giving to the Community and not about making money!

Karyl Lammers
Downtown Ambbassador  


On Saturday, November 10th from 5pm until 8pm, 43 shops in downtown Paso Robles opened their doors to the public with refreshments of all kinds, discounts, entertainment, and beautifully dressed staff to greet the hundreds of people for our Annual Elegant Evening.

There were so many people on the streets and in the shops that evening. I overheard friends laughing and hugging, so excited to be reunited at this event. Shop owners were excited to see so many familiar faces. The thing I was most excited about was the number of people I met who were from out of town, but have been coming to this event for years.

Most of these people make reservations in town and make a week-end stay to start their holiday off right. I met many people from the valley: Visalia, Fresno, Bakersfield, as well as north from San Jose and San Francisco, south from Atascadero, San Luis Obispo, Ventura, west from Cambria and Cayucos.

Everyone saying the same thing “where else but Paso Robles will you find old-fashioned neighborhood gatherings that are warm, safe and fun for all ages.”

Karyl Lammers
Downtown Ambassador

Elegant Evening (34 of 87)
Elegant Evening (20 of 87)
Elegant Evening (24 of 87)



  • 26 spoken with
  • 12 wanted restaurant recommendations
  • 5 wanted specific directions
  • 3 residential questions from people considering Paso as a future home.

Common questions:

  • Directions to freeway
  • Difference in wineries on the east side and west side
  • How do you keep homeless from taking over your city?  


     Most common comments are about our clean, friendly town with that small-town feel which is missing all over California, and beyond.  First time Visitors will be back, others come at least twice a year, always happy to see it hasn’t changed.


  • 15 spoken with
  • 3 Restaurant referrals
  • 0 Direction requests

Common questions:

  • Parking updates, when does ticketing start? (Answer: tickets will only be given to those who park in permit-only spots without a permit. Enforcement begins December 1.)
  • Why fix Railroad Street when our town residential streets are so bad? 
  • Why so many downtown tasting rooms?