School Visits & Group Tours

We are not able to accommodate school tours or large-group visits to the library at this time. However, a pre-recorded virtual tour of the Children's Library is available upon request. Email with the subject line "Virtual Tour Request" for link.


Even if staff assistance is not needed, please schedule group visits at least one month in advance by contacting Suzanne at 805.237.3870 or

Story Times:

Special Story Times can be arranged for special groups but the library cannot schedule multiple Story Times for the same group. Contact the library one month in advance to arrange a time, date, and space.


To ensure a positive library experience, the library requires a ratio of 1 adult for every 10 students i.e., a class of 28 students requires at least 3 supervising adults. Please confirm at the time of scheduling that you will have adequate supervision for your group. Groups that arrive without adequate supervision may be asked to reschedule. Teachers and supervisors must remain with the group, or parts of the group, at all times.

School Visits:

For all tours, the guide will greet you and your class in the Library Lobby at your scheduled time. Before entering the Library, she will remind your students of proper tour behavior. Your tour will be tailored to fit the age of the group and all tours will end with a story in the Story Hour Room.