ZIP Books

About ZIP Books

ZIP Books is a way to request books that are potential additions to the library’s permanent collection. The item is ordered and shipped to you directly from Amazon Prime. This service is available to anyone with a valid Paso Robles City Library card. (Paso Robles library cards are 14 digits beginning with 22138 . . . .) You may request up to three (3) items per month but only one ZIP Book can be ordered and in your possession at a time. There are no fees for this service.

ZIP Books Requests Are:

  • Hardcovers, Paperbacks, Large Print Editions and CD Audiobooks
  • Books that are not currently in the Paso Robles City Library collection
  • Books that are not currently on the New York Best Sellers List
  • Books in the Paso Robles City Library but not in the desired format (e.g. Large Print, Audiobooks)
  • Textbooks, Study Guides and Test Preparation materials will be considered based on their suitability for the Paso Robles City Library’s collection
  • Available on Amazon for less than $50 and $75 for foreign language and CD Audiobooks

Requesting a ZIP Books

Step 1.  Fill out the ZIP Books Request Form

Step 2.  Within one week, a Library Staff member will confirm that your request has been processed. This item will be checked out to your account. Most orders arrive within three days from the confirmation email. The confirmation email will also provide the due date and specific instructions on how to return the item during this period of library closure. If your ZIP Books request is not approved, you will be notified.  

Step 3.  You will receive a package from Amazon Prime along with a packing slip identifying the item as a ZIP Books. Please retain this slip and return it with the item. 

Returning a ZIP Books

It is extremely important that you return your ZIP Books in a very specific manner.

Please return your ZIP Books with a secure note or receipt designating it as a ZIP Book and drop it in the Paso Robles Library Book Drop, located outside the library on 11th Street, or bring it in during business hours and drop it in the inside book drop. This will ensure that your ZIP Books are not lost or considered a donation.

The majority of returned ZIP Books are added to our library collection so that other patrons can enjoy them. After the twenty-four hour quarantine, this item will be checked in and removed from your account. Unreturned items will be considered lost and replacement fees will be charged to the patron’s account.  

Loan Period

All ZIP Books are on loan for a three-week period (21 days) starting on the day it is delivered. ZIP Books are not automatically renewed; however, you may renew your items by calling the Paso Robles City Library at (805) 237-3870. Unreturned items will be considered lost and replacement fees will be charged to your account.


This item was purchased for the Library through ZIP Books, a statewide project of the NorthNet Library System and Califa Group, funded by the California State Library, and the Paso Robles Library Foundation.

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