Art Displays in the Library

Photograph of green grass, oak trees, blue and orange skyThis month's Art in the Library showcases local resident Russ Surber. "I think everyone has a creative spark in their souls that will be expressed in one form or another.  In my case, that would be through photography and painting.  I have carried a camera with me for seventy years and never tired of trying to capture nature’s remarkable and always changing beauty.  My images and paintings have won competitive awards both here and on the east coast and I will continue in both mediums for as long as I can hold a camera or brush."

2022 Art Display Schedule

February 2022 Paso Robles Historical Society Photography
March 2022 Ken Johnson Photography
April 2022  Jeanne Aird Quilting
May 2022  Linda Trapp Watercolors
June 2022  Bruce Cook Photography
July 2022 Bruce Cook Photography
August 2022 Loretta Easter Photography
September 2022 Cheryl Strahl Photography
October 2022 Dana Claywell-O'Neal Acrylics
November 2022 Russ Surber Photography
December 2022  TBD TBD

To Be Considered for Display

The Paso Robles City Library seeks to encourage the artistic and cultural interests of the community by providing space in the Library to display visual and other work. To be considered for display:

The Library Board of Trustees is responsible for selecting and scheduling displays. Typically, the Board will review in the fall and schedule displays for the following year. The duration of the displays is usually one month.