Short-Term Rentals

Starting 9/9/19 short-term rental (STR) permit applications will be accepted only from owners in possession of an existing, valid STR business license whose business license application was submitted to the City on or before 7/16/19.  All business licenses will be eligible for a short-term rental permit.  After 10/9/19 no more short-term rental permit applications will be accepted for 60 days.   

Starting on 12/9/19 short-term rental permit applications can be submitted by anyone, but short-term rental permits and business licenses will only be issued for applications that are consistent with all the ordinance requirements and numeric caps (75 max in R-1, 250 in all other zones).  If the City issues more then 75 “grandfathered” short-term rental permits in the R-1 zones or 250 in all other zones the City will develop a waiting list for additional applicants.

Please contact the Community Development/Planning department with any questions, 805-237-3970.

To file a complaint regarding a short-term rental during or after hours please utilize our 24-hour Hotline,  805-329-3336.