Budget Priorities

Keeping Paso Robles Healthy, Safe and Prepared  

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Your health, safety and emergency preparedness remain our highest priorities. You can find COVID-19 updates and resources at prcity.com/coronavirus

It is more important than ever that we continue to communicate with you as we plan for the hard recovery ahead.  Recently, over 2,300 residents and local businesses have given us feedback regarding impacts from COVID–19 on their lives and businesses. We need to continue hearing from the community about your views and priorities on the road to local recovery, including: 

  • Preparing for a catastrophic emergency 
  • Achieving necessary staffing for police and fire services
  • Achieving necessary 911 emergency response times  
  • Ensuring police, firefighters, and paramedics have the personal protection equipment and other tools they need in emergencies 
  • Fixing deteriorating streets, roads, and potholes for local drivers as well as first responders 
  • Keeping our taxpayer dollars local in crises like these 

Please add your voice and join the conversation by completing a Community Priorities Survey today. 

In these challenging times, we want to continue hearing from you about your priorities for ensuring Paso Robles is a safe and prepared community. 

If you are a member of a local organization and would like to receive an online informational presentation regarding Paso Robles’s current challenges and service priorities in the context of current events, please contact info@prcity.com.